Spend Halloween Outdoors This Year (BONUS: Download a Spooky Stencil)

By Jenny Gumbert

An October evening—even its chilliest night—is too beautiful to spend inside waiting for the doorbell to ring so that you can hear a chorus of “trick-or-treats!” Don’t let your front yard decorations have all of the frightening fun—be a part of it. Celebrate Halloween outdoors this year!

Thanks to your photo and story submissions, we noticed that a lot of you used your Solo Stove in your front yards during Halloween last year. Inspired by your ingenuity, we’re sharing recommendations for how to bring the fun outside with your Solo Stove. Even better? Get your neighbors involved and make it a Halloween block party!

Create an Outdoor Halloween Celebration

Here are a few ideas for how to create an awesome outdoor celebration this year, plus a couple of options for those who want to keep things spooky yet simple. (And be sure to read to the bottom of the post to download a pumpkin-y surprise…)

Create a spooky scene around your fire pit
There’s something sinister about the shadows a fire creates in the dark, but Halloween flames are usually limited to a small candle placed in a jack-o’-lantern. Why not apply that same eerie lighting to your Halloween decorations? Add a fire pit to the setup to create an even spookier scene. It will be a great centerpiece for your Halloween gathering.

This setup will also give you an opportunity to capture your friends and family in their Halloween costumes around the fire, creating a frightening photo booth.

S’mores, but make it Halloween
Make s’mores. But not just any s’mores: Halloween candy s’mores. That’s right, folks, grab your favorite mini candy bar and pair it with a roasted marshmallow, graham crackers, and a not-too-scary story around the fire. It’s hauntingly good.

Photo submitted by Jason Frink

Set up the projector and play a scary movie
Watching a good scary movie is a classic Halloween activity, but it’s typically an indoor form of entertainment. However, it’s not too hard to grab a laptop, TV, or, if you have one, a projector so that you can screen the scares outside. Looking for some frightening but family-friendly movie ideas? Check out our list!

Brew up some ghoulishly good foods (and keep them hot)
As amazing as candy and other Halloween sweets are, one cannot subsist strictly on sugar-laden treats. If you’re having friends over for a festive evening outside, make sure to supply something savory and substantial. To keep things simple, make sure that it’s something that can handle prolonged time bubbling over your stove’s fire (think: chili or soup). Having a cauldron of hot cider would be an especially bewitching treat.

Submitted by Becky Mathie

Keep it simple: Enjoy a good fire while waiting for trick-or-treaters
Even if you don’t want to do an elaborate outdoor setup, it’s still worthwhile to move your low-key party outside instead of staying inside waiting for trick-or-treaters to come to your door. Invite friends and neighbors over, grab some blankets, heat up the fire pit, and gather around the fire. Then, you can hand out treats while having a great time.

BONUS: Carve a Solo Stove flame pumpkin to add to your Halloween scene! (FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW)

We’ve created a custom Solo Stove flame stencil so that you can carve your own special Solo Stove pumpkin (plus two other spooky templates, if you’re looking for a challenge 🎃). Download below!

We hope you have an epic outdoor Halloween! Be sure to share your Halloween photos and stories with us on social media or via our submission form.