Prep for Holiday Madness: Plan a Quick Trip Now

By Jenny Gumbert

(Top photo provided by @ISkiDeepPow, Solo Stove Content Creator)

Halloween is approaching more quickly than you expected. Once that comes and goes, Thanksgiving will arrive faster than you can say “turkey.” Before you know it, you’ll be planning another feast, buying presents, and going to endless holiday parties. Why not prepare for the holiday madness before it begins: plan a quick trip now so that you can sneak away during the chaos. Future you will thank you!

Luckily, there is a growing market for quick escapes that you can easily book online, including many places that will get you closer to nature, even if just for a night or two. From secluded cabins to tiny sanctuaries to easy-to-book campgrounds, planning a quick trip is simpler than ever. Take a look at these three impressive websites, book your trip, and then start counting down the days until your great escape.

Book a quick trip now

Photo via Getaway

Getaway wants to help you take time to rest and unplug from the daily hustle and to focus on yourself, your relationships, and the wonder of nature. They have outposts nestled in nature but near major cities so that urbanites have the perfect opportunity to escape the city for a night or two.

Photo via Getaway

Each outpost has tiny, modern cabins that have everything you need and (nothing you don’t) so you can enjoy a simple night surrounded by trees and stars instead of buildings and street lamps. Each private “camp” site has space to sit around a campfire and a cabin with room for 2-4 guests, a full bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and a big, beautiful window so that you can enjoy the views when inside or out. (Learn more about Getaway’s cabins on their website.)

Photo via Hipcamp

Camping is the ultimate quick trip, but it can sometimes be hard to find the right campsite. Luckily, there’s Hipcamp. Frustrated at how hard it was to book a good campsite online, founder and CEO Alyssa Ravasio created her own website. Now, weekend adventurers can browse more than 300,000 campsites on their easy-to-use site.

Photo via Hipcamp

Searching for the right spot is easy; put in criteria ranging from the type of camping you’d like to do (RV, lake, tent camping, etc.) to where you’d like to do it (within two hours of your location, in a different state, near the beach, etc.). You can even search for criteria as specific as “campsites that welcome pets” or the “best ‘glamping’ sites.”

Bonus: When you eventually arrive at your ideal site, do some classic camp cooking with your stove or bring one of our easily transportable fire pits, like the Bonfire. (Just check the listing page to make sure they allow campfires!)

Photo via Airbnb listing

Airbnb is perfect for those who are looking for a unique stay. They have homes of all types that will get you out in nature, from cabins in the woods to tiny homes by the coast.

Photo via Airbnb listing

Airbnb makes it simple to find homes all over the U.S. (and the world). The options are pretty much endless: rent airstream campers, earth houses, cob cottages, tiny homes, and yurts (if that’s your thing). There’s something for every taste, location, and adventure level.

Planning an upcoming escape or adventure? When you get back, share your photos and stories with us on social media or via our submission form!

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