The Last Fire Pit You’ll Ever Buy: What Sets Solo Stove Fire Pits Apart

By Taysha Billinger

So, you’re thinking of revamping your backyard. The idea is to go from a blank stretch of grass to your own oasis– somewhere to escape. You’ve spent nights scrolling through endless moodboards but you still have no idea where to start. 

We know a thing or two about creating ambiance. Keep reading to learn about how a Solo Stove Fire Pit can upgrade your time spent around a fire.

Nights Around The Fire Made Smokeless

Quality fire pit ≠ sacrifice. 

The most frustrating thing ever is being excited about buying something new, just to discover all kinds of issues with it a week later. A good fire pit should never come with a game of musical chairs, complicated assembly, or weird lingering smells if the purpose is to create enjoyable flames. So what’s the solution to winding down fireside without smoke? The answer is simple: spark up a smokeless flame. Solo Stove lets you have smokeless nights fireside only minutes after igniting, so you can breathe in fresh air with peace of mind. Learn more about what makes Solo Stove Fire Pits smokeless here.

Made To Last

Investing in a statement piece for the home is a big deal; the last thing anyone would want is an investment like that to go to waste. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars and countless weeks creating the perfect look around something, just for it to break months later. You need something that’ll last. Something that’ll always remind you of the good times you’ve spent with it. Something that you and your loved ones will think about anytime you think of home. You need a Solo Stove Fire Pit.

Made of 304 stainless steel, our fire pits are highly durable, surprisingly lightweight, and won’t cave under the pressure of an ultra-hot flame. Count on your fire pit to hold up to all of your experiences– whether in the backyard, at your team’s tailgate, or in the backcountry. It’ll last a lifetime, and we’ve got the warranty to prove it– so even ten years down the road, when your Bonfire has a nice patina and has traveled more than the average American, it’ll still be the icon of your home.

Make The World Your Backyard

When it comes to traditionally built-in and propane fire pits, there is a lot to consider—for instance, placement. Where you decide it goes will become its home forever. That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, so here’s the relief: get something portable– because leisure should never come with a ball and chain.

In the world of backyard flames, Solo Stove Fire Pits are super lightweight, so don’t worry about being stuck with one set-up with this one. And even better, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with just one use. Bonfire fits right in with any backyard aesthetic and is light enough to be packed up and taken on camping trips, so it always feels like you’re taking a piece of home to the great outdoors.

Here’s what Heather S. had to say about her Bonfire Backyard Bundle:

“I love it! We’ve used it at home and at the beach! It’s easy to pack up and take with you. Smoke is no longer hunting down it’s next choke victim, we all sat around in a cough/choke free circle with eyes open while we roasted smoke free marshmallows! Packing up was easy and soot free. No more charcoal finger paint accidentally turning our faces into a war zone. Absolutely brilliant!”

Debra V. finally got to enjoy the fiery side of life:

“Absolutely love my new solo stove. My allergies have gotten so bad that I could no longer enjoy an outdoor fire. That has changed with my Solo Stove, I can enjoy a fire and not end up with an asthma attack afterwards.”

And for Jennifer R, family time got a lot better:

“The Bonfire has made our patio into the kids’ favorite hangout spot. As avid campers, they love the idea of having a “campfire” at home any and every night of the week. Love the sleek, safe, efficient design and included carry bag (I use it upside-down as a cover). The added bonus? The kids are eager to collect all the sticks from the yard and bring them to burn in our Bonfire. A product that brings us together as a family AND motivates the kids to get yardwork done faster? Yes, please!”

Upgrade Your Night Around The Fire