4 Reasons Why Smoke Is Harmful

By Taysha Billinger

No matter the fuel source, all smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and fine particle matter– A.K.A, things that shouldn’t be on or around your person. Inhaling smoke from a fire can cause a number of inconveniences such as tension headaches, nausea, teary eyes, and in the worst cases, shortness of breath.

Winding down fireside should never have to come with sacrifice, because comfort means being able to relax with peace of mind. So whether you’re thinking about getting a smokeless fire pit, want to know why enjoying a smokeless flame is better for you, or are just curious, here are four reasons why you should avoid smoke:

1. We Don’t Always Need The Finer Things In Life

While smoke can be seen from miles away, it’s made up of fine particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye. These particles penetrate your lungs and eyes, triggering temporary irritation and discomfort. With a smokeless flame, the only thing to inhale is a breath of fresh air.

2. Mother Nature Isn’t A Smoker

Setting up an old-fashioned campfire or using a traditional fire pit can produce billows of smoke that mix with the air. As mentioned before, the smoke from wood-fueled flames contains a lot of fine particles. The more that’s released into the air, the more fine particles become concentrated in one place. That fine-particle pollution makes it nearly impossible to “leave no trace.” A great way to enjoy an outdoor flame with peace of mind is to invest in a smokeless fire pit that’s easy to use and easy to clean.

3. Accessibility Shouldn’t Be Limited

Our fire pits are easy for anyone to enjoy– so everyone should be able to use them. Too much smoke equals limited enjoyment for those with health issues. Fortunately, Solo Stove Fire Pits make nights around the fire accessible. According to Theresa H., the accessibility of a smokeless flame rings true:

“In recent years, I have not been able to enjoy an outdoor campfire because the smoke would trigger my asthma. With my Solo Stove, I can again be part of this family time fun with my Solo Yukon (and Bonfire) stoves. It creates minimal smoke and my asthma stays in check.”

4. Dryer Sheets Aren’t Cheap!

The last thing you want is to soil freshly laundered clothes. Spending time sharing laughs around the fire might mean you’re not so focused on how much smoke is weaving into the fibers of your clothing– but as soon as you leave the party, that “post-fire” smell comes with you, and it’s not quiet about it. With a smokeless flame, the only things that linger are the good memories and smiles shared around it.

A flame’s warmth should be felt without a heavy conscience or fear of inconvenient consequences. If you’ve got a Solo Stove Fire Pit but haven’t mastered creating a smokeless flame, check out these resources for a smoother smokeless burn:

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