Solo Stove Experience

Enhance Your Fire Pit Experience

By Devin Osbourn

Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon bring good moments that become lasting memories, and just as a pure, smokeless flame makes better moments, the perfect tools enhance your fire pit experience. Discover the possibilities in each Fire Pit accessory.

Left Photo by Ariel B., Right Photo by Matt B.

Taking A Meditative Moment

Taking a meditative moment is easier said than done. We find that our most clever solutions to common problems can bring the peace of mind to simply be. More is possible with the perfect tools.   

Living in California with its natural beauty, you want to revel in the outdoors. With that comes a responsibility and Shield provides a safer barrier for embers and sparks.” – Stephanie F.

“Such a relief to have this Shield! We’ve had our Solo for 3 years now & have always needed to be extra careful with placement due to embers shooting out. It was not much of an issue in the early days as we just carted it around to wherever we wanted a fire. But when the pandemic came & we were all locked down at home, we got some nice furniture & a rug for a distanced, cozy fire spot.” – Bonny G.

“We just LOVE our Bonfire Shield, it provides us a true safety experience, and it’s simply a beautiful and comfy design that completes our Bonfire.” – Inbal R.

“Between Shield and Stand, I feel safe using it on my wood deck. The base does not get hot and the few embers that escape are small enough not to last long and cause problems.” – Charles C.
“We are so excited and thrilled to enjoy our outside deck/room with a fire pit. We hated going out to the woods when all the drinks and food could be a step away. No more hauling chairs and coolers down to the pit and we can keep our dogs around without leashes.” – Mark M.

Top photo by Tim E., Bottom photo by Brandon M.

Take to your favorite places, and share the satisfaction of a mesmerizing flame. 

“I am so happy with my Solo Stove! It had really added something special to our evenings out on the deck.” – Lori N.

“Completely enjoy our Solo Stove and the experience. It adds the perfect touch and amount of heat to our space.” – Glenn P.

“We typically run Bonfire on our patio, but having Stand allows us to use it wherever we please in the yard. If there’s a lot of company, we can bring it out to a bigger area, and now everyone has the ability to get around the fire. We can even bring it with us on vacation and put it on a wooden deck. How awesome is that?” – Marissa D.

Photo by Inbal R.

Function and elegance come together for an elevated experience. 

“Solo Stoves make great fires, but are also beautiful outdoor furniture! The heavy solid and matching Lid is ideal for an attractive cocktail table when you’re not burning. It’s also great to be able to put Lid on to safely contain the last of the smoldering coals at the end of the night.” – Michelle O.

“Who would have thought that the Yukon Lid could add so much to the whole Solo experience?! Our Yukon now happily serves as a coffee table still at the center of our outdoor gatherings. Beautiful form and function…Lid completes Yukon!! We also got Shelter…it’s perfect too!!”- Katie Q.

“We love this addition to our Yukon. It’s perfect for our summertime entertaining, as we can set out snacks, drinks, a citronella candle or other accoutrements to help us enjoy our outdoor patio.” – Charles A.

“I am so glad that I purchased Lid. I have it on all the time, unless of course I have a fire going. In between fires, it sits on top of the stove and I have a vase filled with beautiful flowers, making my outside fire pit sitting area look elegant!” – Ilana R.

Top Left Photo by Eric M., Bottom Left Photo by @purdongroves, Right Photo by Cynthia U.

Home is where you make it, and Shelter is just a home improvement.  

“Stays on the Fire Pit even in the Oklahoma wind!” – Cheris B.

“I’ve had my Bonfire for 3 years and it has been stored outside in the PNW… with regular use. It has endured the rain and hasn’t weathered… at all. I decided to ‘step up my game’ and buy Shelter… good move for long lasting protection and it looks great” – James L.

“Get a lot of rain here in Oregon (even in the summer:) and wanted to keep my new Fire Pit covered and looking nice.” – Julie O.

“Fits well and stays on in the Kansas winds!” – Noah

“I bought my Shelter to protect my Bonfire from harsh New Hampshire weather. Thus far, Shelter has protected my Fire Pit from driving rain, wind, and hail. It has also worked to keep pollen from covering my Fire Pit.” – Byron P.

“We live in WA. ST., Shelter is excellent.” – Peter J.

“The weather here in FL can be brutal, but Shelter has kept our Bonfire clean and dry.” – Mike N.

“Ordered this so we can leave it outside in a Chicago summer. Easy to put on and take off and protects the pit!” – Noel L

“With all the rain we got in New England my Solo Stove was well protected. I love it.”- Marta R.

“Saved our Memorial Day Party. New England was so wet & cold, but as we sat around our Bonfire it warmed the atmosphere & put smiles on our guests’ faces.” – Patricia K.

“When I first started searching for a better quality, transportable Fire Pit, I did not expect to find a product line with such a complete stock of options to cover all of the contingencies I needed to solve, but then I found the Solo Stove line. Shelter was the last piece on my list, but it turns out to have been the roulette wheel that is Texas spring. It rained for literally weeks here, and Shelter held its own, protecting my Bonfire through the worst of it.” -James R.

“Superior material and great fit to sustain all the elements that the ever changing Canadian climate can throw at it. ” – James W. 

“We have been loving the Solo Stove and taking it with us on trips! When we are home we have a dedicated Fire Pit area. The Fire Pit though needs some protection from the elements when it’s not in use (especially here in Colorado)!! This cover is perfect! Shelter is made to survive our sun, wind and rain here in the high desert! Highly recommended!” – Kerry D.

Solo Stove Experience
Photo by Terri W.

In the end, fire is just an invitation. However you gather, and whoever you choose to share your time with, meet the moment with joy.

“These new Solo Stove Roasting Sticks have allowed everyone of all ages who sit around Bonfire to lean back relaxed in their Adirondack chairs and roast their dogs, marshmallows & even smoked sausage to perfection like a Master.” – Justin R. 

“We have just received our new set of Sticks to use with our Fire Pit. Now every weekend my kids want to roast some sausages on the fire. Amazing family experience and amusement.” – Alessandro M.

“We used our Sticks for the first time this week with our new Bonfire. We couldn’t wait, even though it was a 20-degree night with flurries on top of 14″. We had our 8-year old granddaughter in tow. She roasted everyone’s marshmallows, to order and was always a safe distance from the fire… I highly recommend them for anyone that loves S’Mores. Or tasty sausage links or hotdogs.” – Michele M.

“Solo Stove’s Roasting Sticks…so awesome. My kids loved ‘em, and attempted to stage a sword fight (which I quickly shut down, as they were dancing around our Bonfire!). Solo Stove’s great products have brought us joy during this pandemic.” – Katharine S.

“My husband and I can’t go camping anymore, so this is the next best thing. Sitting outside around the fire roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. Thank you so much for a way to bring camping to our backyard.” – Barbara U.

“During this 2020 year with Covid and craziness, it’s wonderful to share around an old fashioned fire and talk and roast. Thank you for the great moments these will create.” – Connie R.