Project Good: Backyard Reno

Project Good: Backyard Renovation

by Carolyn Owen

Over a year ago, Project Good was created with the mission of Creating Good and bringing joy to those in need of a smile. Since then, we have been fortunate enough to be put in touch with various families, individuals, and organizations in need of a night of smiles around the fire. In March, we connected with 6 Stones, a non-profit based in Bedford, Texas, that is committed to sharing hope through home renovation and fundraising. 

6 Stones set their sights on repairing a leaning fence in Christy’s backyard in light of recent healthcare expenses. Their team thought a fire pit would be the perfect addition to Christy’s backyard in order to help the family reconnect while Kady had to be quarantined indefinitely due to the ongoing pandemic. After surveying the backyard, we saw a need for a bit of an overhaul if the yard was really going to be a space to enjoy meaningful family moments at home. The family needed a place to gather, to dine, and some shade for the sunny days. Kady also happens to be on her school’s color guard team, and needed some free space to practice flag tosses.

Thanks to the lovely lawn stylings of Lawn Connections, Christy’s backyard went from everyday to extraordinary in one short week of construction. After laying sod and cement, planting bushes and flowers, and building a stone surround for their brand new Bonfire, Christy’s backyard was ready for a few special touches. 

After hearing Kady’s story, Outer, Nebula, and Toja Grid were happy to pitch in to make this backyard renovation a success. For seating around the fire, Outer graciously donated a Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armless Chairs, made complete by Nebula’s portable Cosmos projector for movie nights. To offer some shade for daytime grilling on their new patio, with their Solo Stove Grill, Toja Grid was happy to donate a DIY Pergola Kit.

It is our hope that Christy’s backyard will be a place for her family to find solace and peace for years to come. Our team has been humbled by this experience, and hopes to bring many more moments of joy and laughter for years to come.