Fire Pit Cooking System: Your Questions Answered

Last week, we were thrilled to introduce the brand new Solo Stove Fire Pit Cooking System. Since its release, our audience has asked some valuable questions. We thought you might have some too! Read on, or watch our video to get all your Fire Pit Cooking System questions answered:

Is the Grill Accessory Interchangeable?

The Grill Accessory comes in two sizes. The larger size was made to use with Bonfire and Yukon, while the smaller size was made to use with Ranger. Therefore, only Bonfire and Yukon Grill Accessories are interchangeable.

Can I use this with my Yukon 30”?

Yes you can! The Fire Pit Cooking System is compatible with all Solo Stove Fire Pit sizes. The Yukon 30” model includes an adapter ring to be able to use with the Yukon 27” Grill Accessory Bundle.

How heavy is it?

The combined weight of the Bonfire Hub and Grill Accessory is 20 pounds. The combined weight of the Yukon Hub and Grill Accessory is 21.5 pounds. The combined weight of the Ranger Hub and Grill Accessory is 15 pounds.

Will grease hurt my Fire Pit?

Due to the deep weld between each grill grate, about ⅔ of grease will stay on the Grill Accessory. Any other grease that falls into the fire pit will be burned up by high-heat flames. Think of it as a self-cleaning cycle in an oven. The self cleaning cycle reaches such a high temperature that when it’s done, all the grime is burned up and you simply reach in and wipe it away. Your fire pit will do the same thing, but there’s no need to wipe the residue away. The flame will take care of that for you!

How do you clean the Grill Accessory?

Rinse your Cast Iron Grill Accessory off with some mild dish soap and water. Use the Cast Iron Scrubber to remove any leftover grime. Once you’re done, dry your Cast Iron and spray on an even layer of our Seasoning Oil. Place the Grill Accessory on top of the hot fire pit for a few minutes to lock in the seasoning, and you’re done!

How do you clean the Hub?

Hub will get its own patina on top of its fair share of food drippings. You can use Barkeeper’s Friend to buff away the mess, but don’t expect to restore its original shine after a combination of grease and heat creates a toasty looking patina.

Can you use more than wood?

We recommend using hot wood coals, but charcoal works too! Keep in mind that charcoal will burn hotter than wood.

What should I cook?

Start with some Fire Pit Fajitas, we can show you how: