Solo Stove Fireside Stories: Scouts in Arkansas

Tell Us About Yourself.

I work with Boy Scouts and our troop loves to backpack. I should reword that as next year I’ll be the Scoutmaster for the first girl troop in our area. I also live on about 65 acres in rural Arkansas. Every year between October and February, I spend alot of time hunting. So if I’m not at work or asleep, I’m outside (and sometimes I sleep outside).

Where Did You Go?

My last trip taking Scouts backpacking on the Buffalo River, near Ponca. We got there late Friday night and left Sunday about midday.

What Did You Do?

We hiked about 8 miles down the river trail, set up camp, spent the night, then hiked another 7 miles out to a drop car the next day.

What Was Your Essential Gear?

Tent, sleeping bag, food, cooking gear, backpacks, and SHOES.

What Did You Eat?

Evening meals were like Rice-a-roni with a can of chicken added. Lunch and breakfast were high energy carbs (oatmeal, crackers and peanut butter, trail mix, and protein bars. Oh yeah, and COFFEE for myself and the other adults.

How Did You Sleep?

All scouts slept in 2 man tents with their “buddy” as well as the adults.

What Were Your Challenges?

This was the first trip for many scouts and there were several gear malfunctions but with the help of duct tape and 550 cord. we managed to have a good time and the youth can’t wait to do it again.

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

Overlooking the Buffalo River from the top of a ridge on the south side. It was absolutely beautiful.