Solo Stove Fireside Stories: Honeymoon Highway

Tell Us About Yourself.

Newlyweds on our HoneymoonHwy from Florida to Alaska and back the loooong way!!!

Where Did You Go?

We started in May and won’t be back until October!!! Whoop whoop- trip of a Lovetime!

What Did You Do?

Camping across USA and CANADA!! Avoiding highways as much as we can!!

What Was Your Essential Gear?

Learning as we go! How do you pack for a 6 month road trip for the first time? Things are forgotten. Things over packed. Fun fun fun!

What Did You Eat?

Open campfire/propane stove/we have done it all!!

How Did You Sleep?

We have a James Baroud hard pop tent on top of our F350 for modern/dispersed camping. We have a single pole for the Rendezvous (pre-1840 history living). All cast iron!

What Were Your Challenges?

We’re in our sexy sixties so we go with the flow. The truck broke down twice so waiting for the repair was/is an adventure. Online reservations- when you have no idea where you’ll be- makes it challenging at times especially without signal. We like the first come first serve!!

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

Soooo many happy honeymoon moments. Disperse camping at Rock Lake! Meeting others with earth souls of happiness. Following the roads less traveled! Learning all the apps that are out there. Dyrt, ioverlander, freecamping, recgov, etc.  and all the camping Hosts have been very nice