Solo Stove Fireside Stories: Birthdays in Bryce Canyon

Tell Us About Yourself

Pushing 50 married father of two daughters. Live in the Twin Cities in MN and need to sometimes just get away to clear my mind and soul.

Where Did You Go?

Under the Rim trail in Bryce Canyon in Utah. We added a 10 mike loop trail to the trip. We were gone for 10 days and hiked for 4 nights.

What Did You Do?

Celebrated Maren’s (youngest daughter) 19th birthday. Several days of day hiking and a lot of driving.

What Was Your Essential Gear

Tent, matches, and a water filter. Food food food! And of course my trusty Solo Stove.
Purchased Maren her own Solo Stove for her 19th birthday.

What Did You Eat?

We made our own meals. Packed a day in a bag so it was easy to know what to eat. Fruit leather and sour worms were a hit for Maren. Lots of pasta, lentils, spuds and flavored water.

How Did You Sleep?

Used a tent and sleeping bags. Maren brought a hammock but only napped in it. We are from MN where it gets pretty chilly and lots of bugs – tents are nice for this:)

What Were Your Challenges?

Hills, too much food, and scarce water.
We ate a lot and put out water caches prior to our hike. Hills- what can you do but get them behind you.

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

Hearing Maren gasp and “ohhh and ahhh” as she led the way. As well as call me to come up and look at something. She was truly appreciating the amazing beauty of the park. Gotta let those kids lead the way so they can see things first.