The Best Seat (Not) In The House

Cover photo by Jonathan Y.

The long nights of winter give you the perfect chance to bring the silver screen to your own backyard, just by setting up a projector and a screen. What’s the best part about it? You and your family can enjoy your favorite flicks by the light of your fire pit.

Check out the photos of our customers’ outdoor theater setups and get inspired to roll out the red carpet in your own backyard.

Queue up a classic, light up your Solo Stove, and don’t forget the popcorn!

Submitted by Diana R.

Set up your pop-up theater in the front yard to invite your neighbors to pull up a front row seat!

“One of the [best] things to come out of 2020 is spending time outside watching an outdoor movie with friends and making s’mores over the fire. A great way to stay safe and still see friends!” — Lisa

Submitted by John M.

Nothing says relaxation more than a cozy flick, a fort, and the light of your Solo Stove.

“We had our outdoor movie night birthday party for our son . . . new projector, new screen, new Bonfire. It was the coolest setup ever!” — Rita C.

Submitted by Mike D.

A portable TV is all you need to catch up on all your favorite shows while you’re on the road.

“We love watching movies outside with our 4 boys around the Yukon!” — Patrick T.

Submitted by Ben E.

A movie by the fire brings the family room to the backyard.

“Since getting the Yukon in November we have used it on our deck at least a dozen times.  With cold weather approaching in South Carolina we were able to stave off moving indoors.  We even set up a screen to watch movies which my wife loves.  The solo stove has added a room to our house for a couple of months in the Fall. We expect it to do the same in early Spring.” — Brian H.

Submitted by Jake M.

With a big enough screen, it feels like you’re cheering on your team from the stands!

“We are really enjoying our Bonfire, it has effectively made our porch and back deck much more enjoyable and usable during colder weather. Living on many acres of woods with plenty of firewood around, we even added an outdoor TV to watch movies and sports by the fire. The limited smoke output also doesn’t leave your clothes smoky at the end of the day.” — John W.

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