Solo Stove Kids: Fires with Tanman

Meet Tanman as he lights up his Solo Stove camp stove and shares some outdoor wisdom along the way.

Tanman’s Pro Tips

  1. It’s really easy to start a fire in your Solo Stove. All you need are some leaves and sticks!
  2. The main part about building a fire is to get it going before dark. If you don’t get a fire going before dark, you might get be predatored.
  3. Do not touch the holes on the bottom or the top of the stove, and especially don’t touch the fire!
  4. The really good thing about being outdoors is you have a chance to expand your experience. You’re not always playing video games.
  5. If you’re an indoors person, try to get outdoors. . . someday.
  6. Today I learned that a nut doesn’t really burn. See, every day outdoors, no matter what, you don’t think you are going to learn something? Too late! You’re gonna learn something!