Project Good: Thankful Edition

In a year that’s brought much uncertainty, Project Good is celebrating families for staying strong.

In the spirit of celebrating good, we invited you to nominate a family that could use a smile and a break from the kitchen this Thanksgiving. Each family below will receive a $250 gift card to the restaurant of their choice, plus a free Bonfire fire pit! Read their inspirational stories of resilience here.

Laurie M. and Family

“My friend, Laurie, and her two sons have been through more suffering and loss than any family I know. In 2009, they lost their home. Two years ago, their husband and father, Steve, suffered a heart attack and passed away. In November of 2019, Laurie was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Still is still recovering from her treatment and not quite well enough to work again full time. When I had Covid last month, Laurie was at my door with flowers, a gratitude journal, and a letter offering her support and help. She is hands down the most positive person I know, and her boys are her whole life. She is filled with hope, faith, and gratitude. I think she and her boys would enjoy having Thanksgiving dinner prepared and a Solo Stove to gather around in the cold month’s ahead.” — Karen R.

Jennifer M. and Family

“Jennifer is a single mother to three, all of whom have special needs in different ways. Jennifer is the kind of person who will give you the shirt off her back. But for many years, she didn’t ask for help when she needed it. This year, Jennifer lost her home and was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. She has since struggled to recover from her treatment and has been unable to do her job as a mental health social worker. Thanksgiving dinner for her family would help her so much.” — Lisa C.

Rob S. and Family

This nomination is for my father. His 61st birthday is on Thanksgiving this year, but instead of celebrating, he will have to work until midnight. Because of this, he’s not going to have the time or energy to make any sort of dinner, and I’d love to do something special for him to show him how much I love him. He could definitely use a break.” — Mary S.

Mike and Liesel F. and Family

“My wonderful brother-and sister-in-law are no strangers to struggles, but they always navigate them with enviable strength. Liesl has been fighting stage four inflammatory breast cancer for 9+ years. Together Mike and their two children, they have lived to the fullest despite cancer in their midst. Though our families live within an hour of each other, we recently decided no to hold a family gathering for Thanksgiving due to concerns for Liesl’s health. To add insult to the injury, Liesl and Mike’s stove needs to be fixed. They will be unable to cook! I’m nominating this family because they deserve a break, to enjoy each other for the holiday, and to spend as many campfires together as they possibly can.” — Alice C.

Liz F. and Family

“Liz, an active mom of two young girls, was diagnosed with breast cancer less than two weeks ago. Her cancer is aggressive and her first surgery is scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving. Hours after diagnosis, we had a small COVID-careful bonfire with a few other ladies in her backyard. No better way to feel the support and strength of your community than to gather around a fire! A Solo Stove fire pit and Thanksgiving dinner would sure light Liz up during a dark and hard time. It would fuel her for the fight ahead, especially this winter.” — Emily L.

Joan C. and Family

“Joan has had easily one of the worst years of anyone I have ever met, and the last few years have been hard as well. In December 2014, her son was in a terrible accident. Joan continues for her son due to the injuries he sustained in the accident. In November last year, her son’s caretaker lost her battle with drug addiction. In January of this year, Joan’s husband passed away. In March, Joan lost her father. Due to the pandemic, the practice we work for experienced major furloughs and layoffs. Joan was unfortunately part of those layoffs. Joan is the strongest woman I have ever met. She never waivers. She never complains. She constantly checks on everyone else to make sure they are okay. If anyone deserves something special, it is Joan.” — Victoria W.

From all of us at Solo Stove, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of good moments and lasting memories.