Project Good: Mother’s Day Edition

Project Good’s mission is to spread good. Who can resist the opportunity to share the selflessness, resilience, and awe-inspiring strength seen in our moms? This Mother’s Day, we invited you to nominate a mom in your life so we could honor them in a special way. Every one of the 1400+ nominations we received has reminded us of the difference mothers make in our lives.

Every mom deserves an accolade, and to honor them we wanted to give 20 moms a special Mother’s Day with a free Ranger, Stand, and Roasting Sticks. Adoring family and friends share their memories of these special ladies below. Just grab some tissues first. No one is more inspiring than you, mom.


Lorie Boveroux

Matthew, age fourteen, shares with us the story of his mom, Lorie. After having an operation to remove a brain tumor, Matthew says his mom never left his side while he recovered. Two years after his own operation, Lorie had to undergo the same type of operation. Even through her own period of recovery, Matthew said his mom never stopped supporting him and his brother. A year after the operation, Lorie was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Matthew wants to help his mom take some time just for her. Here’s what Matthew said about her:

“My mom never left me when I needed her. I remember one time she went out of the room when I was in the hospital to get a cup of coffee. I decided to climb out of bed even though I was paralyzed on one side. When she came back, I told her I was trying to go home while hanging onto the rail of the bed. She started crying and I thought I made her angry. She said she was happy to see me trying and determined. I will never forget that.”

Sadie’s Family

Sadie Davis

Orion’s mother, Sadie, is an avid camper. She has used the outdoors to teach her kids about the world and how to take care of things. She always works hard inside and outside the house, but always makes time for them to all be together outside. With the open fire ban in Colorado, a Solo Stove will help them get back outside. Orion says this about his mom, Sadie:

“My brother and I have a thousand memories with mom, too many funny, poignant points of light to mention: starting fires in the rain, getting lost then found and lost again on the same day, being visited by night time wildlife. But I am writing to you about the memories we haven’t made yet. My mom got really sick at the beginning of the pandemic, and it was really scary. She is doing better now, so we can get back to the wilderness and make some new, joyful memories around a sparkling, warm light, probably near Williams Canyon.”


Ashley Bradsher

Michael writes to us about his wife, Ashley. Ashley is a full-time hair stylist who’s salon has been closed since the pandemic. In spite of this, Ashley has stayed in touch with her clients. Many are elderly who either live alone or in care facilities. She calls them every week just to talk to them to try and brighten their day. She teaches their eight-year-old while schools have been closed, collects food for shut-ins and the poor during Christmas time, and helps rescue animals. Here’s what Michael says about Ashley:

“She works harder than anyone I know and never asks for anything in return. She’s a country girl who loves the outdoors. I remember one time she lost her horse, even after doing everything she could to help save its life. She explained what happened to our son in seven-year-old language. She comforted him, and without a complaint, fixed his breakfast, and dropped him off at school. I told her to take the day off, but she said she couldn’t. People relied on her. It was that day I realized once again what a wonderful, strong, and caring wife I had.”

Nancy, her father, and Diane

Diane Buschel

Nancy tells us the story of her mom, Diane. Diane always puts her family and friends above herself, whether it be through her church, the non-profit organization she volunteers for, or by helping her neighborhood. Two years ago, Diane’s husband and Nancy’s father went through kidney failure. Nancy and her siblings volunteered to donate a kidney, but Nancy wouldn’t hear any of it, and insisted she would donate one of hers. After extensive testing, Diane was found to be a match, and the transplant was successful. Nancy says this about her mom, Diane:

“After I had my second child, my husband was unable to be with me on the day I was discharged. My mom took my two-year-old son with her to pick me and my newborn daughter up. I was feeling extremely vulnerable and dealing with a tremendous amount of anxiety, but my mom never left my side. I remember crying in the bathroom, and when I came out, I saw she was holding my sleeping daughter and reading a book to my son. She made me feel so at peace. I knew I would never be alone, and she would always be there for me.”

Gina and Kathy

Gina Staley

Kathy Chapman writes about her close friend, Gina. Kathy and Gina met ten years ago when their sons were on the same cross country team at school. As a teacher, Gina is selfless with her time and energy for her kids (students). Whenever their families go on camping trips or day hikes, Gina looks for ways to incorporate their adventures into the classroom. This is what Kathy says about her:

“Gina is upbeat, creative, smart, caring, and all around a lovely person. She loves the outdoors — hiking, camping, bicycle riding, and kayaking. Gina and I have had lots of adventures over the years camping. We’ve seen James Taylor in concert, kayaked Lake Champlain, went on a moose safari, and so much more. She is upbeat, creative, smart, caring, and an all-around caring person.”

Jessica and family

Jessica Shurtz

Elizabeth shares with us the story of her friend, Jessica. Tough times are nothing new for Jessica, and Elizabeth says it best:

“Jessica has never once complained or said “poor me” for any of the challenges she has faced. She has spent holidays in the hospital while her son has and is still undergoing chemotherapy away from the rest of her family. It is incomprehensible to understand what it is like for a mother when she must split her time between living at the hospital with her baby and still being present in the other four children’s days. Jessica and I met at church. She was my bible study group leader AND my child’s religion teacher. She volunteers non stop. When we were in bible study together, she talked about how Benedict was the greatest blessing her family could receive. It was touching and beyond raw to hear a mother with so much on her shoulders speak with nothing but gratitude.”

Happy Adoption Day, Melissa and John

Melissa Ebner

John tells us an amazing story about his wife and new mom, Melissa. Melissa “officially” became a mom May 6, 2020. John and Melissa signed adoption paperwork for the three children they have been fostering for the past six months. In total, we have now fostered ten kids over almost four years. What a wonderful time with Mother’s Day just a few days from their adoption. Here is Melissa’s story in John’s words:

“Melissa has the biggest heart, loving every child that we have fostered as our own. Through the heartbreak of children leaving after being with us for years, she is always ready to welcome the next sibling group needing a safe home. She loves camping, playing with the kids in the backyard, and doing crafts. She has been known as ‘Mimi’ with all the foster kids, but she is now Mommy.”

Heather and family

Heather Galm

Jarrod writes about his wife and mother to their children. Heather is the amazing mom of their two daughters, Michaela and Amanda. She has always had a love of children and works with special needs kids for our local school district as an occupational therapist. She volunteers with the Lucky Fin Project, Ronald McDonald House, and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Jarrod shares this about Heather:

“We tried for five years to start a family. After several rounds of fertility treatments that were unsuccessful, we didn’t believe we were going to have our own biological children. Within months of moving to a brand new state, Heather got pregnant with our first daughter. Due to the pandemic, Heather has been working from home while the girls have been out of school. She’s unselfishly blanched time with them consecutively. She is an amazing wife and mother to our children.”

Lauren and family

Lauren Kalogridis

Lauren shares with us the story of her mom, Lauren! Lauren raised five kids as a single parent, sacrificing whatever she had to make sure we all had what we needed. She created a stable and secure household for us, in the midst of the stressors of addictions of other family members. Despite the statistics, all of us graduated from high school, and are healthy physically and emotionally. Check out what Lauren has to say about her mom:

“My siblings and I are each very different, and she parented us in a way that was unique to our individual needs and personalities. With her support and nurturing of our unique dreams, the five of us grew to become a small business owner and mother, a psychotherapist, farm manager, a roofing manager, and a photographer. She instilled in us the value of being a close-knit family. After getting three of us through college, she also went to college herself and graduated with an Associates degree in Women Studies and Sociology, and a Bachelors in International Affairs.”

Jane and her husband

Jane Kawahara

Lauren writes to us about her mom. Jane and her husband adopted Lauren and her brother but has been a mother to so many students as a teacher for forty-two years. Even in retirement, she continues to selflessly give her time and energy to the local youth by volunteering at church, helping local Girl Scouts, and many other organizations. Here’s more about what Lauren says about her mom:

“She has taught me how to be a woman with integrity, empathy, compassion, and courage. She has led our family through many adversities and always made us feel safe, loved, and secure. I know what love is, because her’s is unconditional. Her love is in everything she does and all the sacrifices she has had to make. My fondest memories to this day of her and I is when we bake new recipes together.”

Rose and family

Rose Kruggel

Michael shares with us the story of his mom. Rose is a single parent to Michael and his brother. She worked so hard to provide for them throughout their early years. She raised her boys to believe they can be anything they wanted. Check out how proud Michael is of his mom:

“Through all of our time growing up, she has persevered and has been strong the entire time. She gave us guidance, gave us strength, and most of all, love. She worked two jobs at times just to scrape by. My mom raised us boys right, and now her boys are both on the front lines in the pandemic. One works in a hospital, the other as a first responder. She makes me proud to call her my mom and a superhero.”

Debby and Joe

Debby Swan

Joe tells the story of his mom, Debby. While it’s been a tough year for her, she successfully completed chemotherapy for lymphoma and is recovering from a stem cell transplantation. Since this puts her at high risk during the pandemic, Joe and his sister have not been able to visit her. Joe shares this about his mom:

“If I know of anyone who could use a pick-me-up right now after months of true isolation, it’s her. Because of the isolation and immune deficiency, she cannot do a long list of normal everyday things, from leaving the house to eating takeout or even watering houseplants. She loves the outdoors, and would love to spend time by the fire.”

Erin and family

Erin Hanohano-Lira

David writes to us about his wife. Erin is a dedicated mother to two daughters (ages four and six). Not only is she a full-time mom, she is also a full-time educator. She has dedicated the last fourteen years of her life to education and is now Vice Principal of her school. Her drive, passion, and love extends beyond their family. Here’s David’s special message about Erin:

“Since the start of this pandemic, Erin has tackled the balance of working from home and managing the household without skipping a beat. She spends countless hours putting the needs of her staff before her’s by doing everything she can to make their jobs easier. She is relentless in the pursuit of making sure every student has access to a device for online learning, as well as working on the frontlines to pass out meals. She has done all this without any impact on the time she spends with our family.”


Patricia Martinez

Rudy shares with us the story of her mom. Patricia is a survivor of Lupus and has beaten cancer several times in her life. Rudy recalls the times sitting by the fire with her and thinking how brave and fearless she is. Rudy thinks this of her mom, Patricia:

“Patricia is a light for all around her. Her positive attitude and unwavering faith in people is a true testimony to her life’s mantra.”


Patty Considine

Tyler writes to us about his mom. Patty is a survivor of stage three breast cancer, but has kept up spirits by making them laugh and learn to love more. Tyler shares this message about Patty:

“My mom always makes life adventurous for us. She takes me for hikes, stand-up paddle boarding, and riding on the tandem bike. We have a cabin, and she and I love to sit by the fire and talk. She is kind and prayerful, and is starting an organization called “Foundation 4 Courage” to help cancer patients at our cancer center.”

Cynthia and Dennis

Cynthia Reddy

Tina tells us the amazing story of her sister and a mom-to-be, Cynthia.  She and her husband recently moved in with their parents to help care for their mother, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, a father who has COPD, and a nephew. Check out more on Cynthia’s story from Tina:

“Cynthia grew up watching two of her older siblings struggle with addiction. Cynthia grew up fast, but she never complains about anything. She is always the first person to help anyone out and puts everyone else before herself. Cynthia married her husband, Dennis, in 2019, and they are expecting their baby tomorrow!”


Laura Saucedo

Benjamin shares a special story of his wife and mother to their children. Laura, as an outdoor photographer, teaches her clients to unplug from the digital world at times and live in moments enveloped by nature. Hear more from Benjamin on Laura:

“As a mother, she teaches our daughter that digital ain’t the only way to enjoy life. She reads Jospehine, our daughter, books, plays with her using toys that help in her development and motor skills, and takes every moment she can to be outdoors on walks, hikes, or just hanging out in the yard under the giant elm trees. When it was time to deliver our daughter, the labor lasted what seemed like forever. When she held Josephine for the first time, I could see the love in her eyes she had for Josephine. She always does what she feels is right for our family.”

Audra and family

Audra Shaw

Derrick shares the story of his wife. Audra is always thinking of others and looks for ways she can show love to those she comes in contact with. She is also sacrificial in the way she loves and cares for their family. Here’s Derrick’s special words about Audra:

“Whether it’s cooking a meal for someone, grabbing Sonic drinks or coffee to take to teacher friends, cleaning the house for a friend in need, or taking food and stopping to talk to a homeless man, she is the definition of selfless. I love to watch her teach our daughter everyday. They made pies for Easter this year, and our daughter was so proud of them. Her love of baking is such a compliment to the love her mom shows her every day. They are a perfect pair and joy to be with!”

Yana and Rachel

Yana Sweeney

Rachel shares the story of her mom. Yana is a high school chemistry teacher who has gracefully transitioned teaching the subject virtually. Her selfless care and desire to educate isn’t limited to her students. Here’s more about Yana from Rachel:

“She takes the time to ensure our family always has amazing adventures planned. She watches her four grandsons grow and educates them on the outdoors (How many four year-olds learn about deciduous trees? They do!) She’s taught me that she helps form and educate kids at every age, regardless if they call her mom, Mrs. Sweeney, or Ma’am.”


Denise Warrick

Michelle shares the story of her daughter. Denise is a physician working hard on the frontlines of the pandemic while still making time to care for her parents and young family. Michelle shows her appreciation to Denise, her daughter:

“She works so hard taking care of her patients, us, and her family. We used to camp out when she was younger, and she loved building campfires and roasting s’mores. I want her to have time outside with her family and kids to relax!”

From all of us at Solo Stove, thank you!