7 Ways to Reconnect with Mom this Mother’s Day

Moms selflessly give to their children, families, friends, and communities, especially in times like these. As we celebrate these deserving women everywhere, we’ve gathered some creative ways to show her your appreciation today and every day.

1: Decorate Mom’s front lawn

Make a special sign to place on mom’s front lawn so everyone around can see how much you appreciate her! Have mom step outside and show your love as you drive by. Check out Etsy for inspiration.

2: Write a letter

When was the last time you’ve received a handwritten letter? In a world of digital communication, a thoughtful, penned love letter to mom will show how much you love and appreciate her.

3: Throw a virtual Mother’s Day party

Video chats are all the rage. Applications like Zoom and Google Hangouts can be the next best option when you can’t party in-person. To make it extra special, Zoom allows you to have a custom background for your video. Upload a special Mother’s Day background, a favorite photo of mom, or even a hand-drawn Mother’s Day greeting to make the party even more meaningful.

4: Take an online cooking class

What’s more fun than being with mom in their kitchen? A virtual cooking class is a fun way to get everyone together to celebrate mom’s special day. There are many different platforms out there; BluePrint and Kitchen by Food Network are our favorites. To make it more special, have mom teach the family one of her favorite recipes. . .if you can get her to reveal her secret ingredients, that is.

5: Take a virtual tour

Go on vacation without leaving the couch! Via Google Arts and Culture, you get a unique look into the world’s most famous art galleries. If you want to get the feeling of the outdoors, virtual tours are available for five National Parks, as well as zoos from across the world.

6: Watch a movie together

There’s no need to wait for theaters to reopen to watch a movie with mom. With a unique browser extension, you can throw a Netflix party to watch a movie remotely and make the most of her special night.

7: Spend time in the backyard

Mom deserves some time to relax. Get the whole family involved in cooking outside while mom sits by the fire. For a fun twist on a classic, roast s’mores while taking turns saying your favorite thing about her!

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