Introducing Solo Selebrations

By Carolyn Owen

Did you get a Solo Stove for your birthday? Maybe Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even Valentine’s Day? Well now, the party never has to end. #SoloSelebrations wants to help you celebrate all of your Solo Stove moments (we even have a tag called #solostovemoment… we know, right?! How perfect is that?). You can use any of these tags whenever you post your own content to join in the party! Let’s get this party started:


Use #soloreno to show off your backyard renovations! We know you put a lot of work into your renovation, and we can’t wait to celebrate a job well done with you. Show off your shiny new fire pit area, your new flower beds, stonework, freshly built decks, or anything else you renovated with #soloreno!


It’s like being a kid all over again. We know how excited you are to see that brand new Solo Stove box on your front porch. When it gets there, celebrate with #soloishere! This could be front porch pictures, unboxing videos, or anything in between. It’s time to party!


It’s time to initiate your fire pit (or maybe camping stove or Grill) into your backyard. It’s your Solo Stove’s first burn celebration! Use #solofirstburn the first time you light it up!


Time can get away from you when you’re not looking. #solostovemoment is all about slowing down and watching memories be made right before your eyes. Whether that’s a campfire singalong, a night of scary stories, or anything in between, your moment is worth stopping time for.


Is your wood stack ready for the weekend? Did you spend all day chopping wood? You deserve to celebrate your achievement! Use #solostacked to show off those piled-high fire logs! 


Woah, that’s a killer flame! Achieving a great fire in a Solo Stove is such a gratifying feeling that should always be celebrated. Use #solostoked when your flame looks so good you’ve gotta snap a picture.

We’re so excited for you to start using our #SoloSelebrations hashtags! Here’s all the ways you can celebrate with us:

  • Visit our giphy account here to be able to share all of our #SoloSelebrations .gifs with your friends! You can also save them to your own computer or phone to be able to use them however you’d like.
  • On Facebook and Twitter, use any of our hashtags on your posts, and upload .gifs to your comments.
  • On Instagram, use our hashtags in your posts and comments.
  • On Instagram stories, search #solostove or #soloselebrations to add the .gifs to your story posts!

Check out some of the ways our community has already gotten the party started:

We’re so excited to celebrate with you! Don’t forget to tag @solostove so we can join the party!