How to Light Ranger

Ranger loves a good adventure, whether it’s in your backyard in the city or you’re taking it on the road in your RV. What’s so great about Ranger is that it’s compact and so easy to get a fire going in. Check out this video to get the inside scoop on how we light a Ranger .

Prep: Gather your firewood

You only need three types of wood to light up your Ranger:

  • Fire starters or small sticks and twigs for tinder
  • Hardwood splits for kindling
  • Hardwood logs for fuel

For kindling, use a hatchet to split a few logs into finger-width cuts. You can also use chunkwood, such as the wood you use for grilling.

For fuel wood, we used hardwood logs cut around ten inches in length.

Our Juniper firewood makes this whole process simpler. Each log is precut to fit perfectly inside Ranger, so the only cutting you’ll have to do is splitting a couple logs for kindling. If you don’t use our Juniper, we recommend using any kiln-dried hardwood, because it burns longer and hotter than softwood. Plus, it’s easier to cut.

Step 1: Create a base with finger-width pieces of kindling

Take your finger-width kindling splits and create a square border around the center of your Ranger. This will house the fire starters you add in the next step.

Step 2: Place fire starters on the bottom of the fire pit

You’ll only need to use two fire starters to kickstart Ranger. Place them evenly apart inside the square border of kindling splits.

Step 3: Light fire starters

Use a long-nose lighter, like the one you use for lighting candles, to light your fire starters.

Step 4: Use the rest of your kindling to create a teepee

This takes us back to our Scout days. Use any leftover splits to create a teepee around the square base. Stacking your kindling this way allows air to flow freely, creating an ember bed that will fuel your larger firewood logs.

Step 5: Add larger logs and enjoy!

After a few minutes, your kindling should have a nice ember bed going. Go ahead and start to add your larger logs one at a time. Allow each log to catch fire before adding another.

Now it’s time to sit back and relax around the beautiful fire in your Ranger!