Channel Your Inner Lumberjack

Summer is just around the bend, and it’s one of the best times of the year to create good moments around the fire. With all those sweet flames in your future, you might need to get creative with how you stock up on logs.

The Solo Stove community has been channeling our inner lumberjack to get ready for the season, and we’re excited to show off some impressive firewood stacking skills! Get inspired by our favorites below, as well as a few tips to get you stacking.

Firewood Stacking Tips

1: Location, Location, Location

Find a spot that will have plenty of sun, as well as air circulation. Firewood burns best inside your Solo Stove fire pit when it’s dry. Fallen tree limbs or wood you’ve chopped into logs might seem dry, but it’s possible there is still plenty of moisture left inside the wood. Stacking your firewood in the sun with an ample opportunity for air circulation will help your wood to dry faster while it’s being stored.

2: Elevation

Make sure to stack firewood a few inches off the ground if possible. This will help keep ground moisture from seeping in, as well as to keep insects from making a home in your firewood. You can use a firewood rack (see below) to help elevate your firewood off the ground. If you can’t use a firewood rack, you can arrange the bottom layer of logs in your stack with the bark side facing the ground.

3: Stack it up!

Stack your firewood loosely. Stacking them tightly together prevents air from moving over the logs and can keep them from drying out properly. Also, stack your firewood with the cut ends exposed to help accelerate the drying process.

4: Watch out for rain!

Cover your firewood with a tarp before it rains to help keep your wood safe and dry!

For more information on the best ways to stack your firewood, check out the blogs below:

Photo by Angelito C.

“My toys since buying a Solo Stove Bonfire! I didn’t have much tools before.” — Angelito

Photo by Brad B.

“Had wood delivered today. Should be all set for the next two weeks for our Bonfire.” — Brad

Photo by Dave A.

“Took advantage of a three-day weekend and built this shelter.” Check out the timelapse of the project here!

Photos by Dana H.J.

Last Christmas, Dana surprised her family with this beautiful setup:

“I have SECRETLY been working in my beautiful backyard and have built the most beautiful area for it with Adirondack chairs, pea gravel, string lights, etc. All while not allowing anyone to see what I’m doing, all the back windows blacked out.” — Dana

Photo by Conrad C.

“Our first ever face cord arrived today. Should be enough for a couple of hours in the Yukon.” — Conrad

Now it’s time to get stacking! Show off your woodstacks here or tag us on social with @solostove and #solostove.

Source: Source: Down to Earth Homesteaders