7 Tips for the Ultimate Backyard Experience

There’s no better way to relax at the end of a long day than kicking back with family and friends and pulling up a chair in front of your backyard fire pit.

With long summer evenings on the horizon, it’s time to start planning for warm nights filled with laughter, conversation and the glow of your backyard fire. 

Add to your backyard fire pit experience with these outdoor-living must-haves.

1.  Lights

Photo by Jon Tyson (Unsplash)

Though the flames in your fire pit give off their own flickering light, sometimes you need a little more in order to see your way to the cooler or back to the kitchen. For those moments, string lights hung from tree branches or a pergola provide just enough illumination to make sure you’re not tripping over your log pile when you get up to refill drinks, but they’re still dim enough that they won’t overpower the natural glow of the flames. Depending on how far your fire pit is from your house, you can find great-looking string lights that plug into an outdoor outlet, or you can go with a solar-powered option; not only are solar-powered lights easier on the environment, you can string them anywhere that they can recharge during the day, regardless of how far they are from an outlet. 

2.  Fire Pit Tools 

Using your bare hands to reposition a burning log might add some excitement to your evening, but using Fire Pit Toolsby Solo Stove to stoke your fire is a better bet if you want to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. This two-piece set has been designed with a unique angle that allows you to adjust wood safely, keeping your arm away from the flame.

3.  Music

Photo by Phuc C (Unsplash)

The sound of a crackling backyard fire needs no accompaniment, but if you want to add music to your fire pit experience, a Bluetooth speaker is a great option. Modern portable speakers sound great, can be used anywhere, and they set up in only a few seconds. On top of that, many of them are resistant to the elements, meaning they can withstand an unexpected thunderstorm if you forget to grab them while you’re sprinting into the house. For more subtle background music, a smaller speakerwill provide plenty of volume. If you’re hosting a larger event, a bigger speakermight be in the cards.

4.  Blanket

Even midsummer nights can get cool when the sun goes down. If you think you might want extra warmth beyond what your fire pit provides, having a couple of blankets on hand is always a good idea. You can’t go wrong with the classic woven “Mexican blanket”, but if you’re hunting forsomething softer and cozier, your guests might appreciate a little extra comfort.

5.  Wood Storage

It’s also handy to have a place to store these fire pit tools so they’re not constantly underfoot, like the Station by Solo Stove. You can stack wood securely and safely, and conveniently rest any other items on the powder coated shelves. A wood storage station like this is an often-overlooked but useful accessory that helps keep the area around your fire pit organized. It’ll also stop you from tripping over a loose log and stubbing your toes in the twilight.

6.  Cooler

Photo by Orion Coolers

If you’re planning to enjoy your fire pit while sipping on a frosty beverage, a portable cooler is a backyard must-have, unless you want to get your exercise by running back and forth to the kitchen. Depending on the size of your gathering and the atmosphere you want to create, you can go with a small, classically designed cooler, or—if you’re hosting a larger event — a cooler big enough for a party. Are those options playing it a little too safe?  Go bold with one of these with a cool design.  Either way, having an ice-filled cooler on hand will keep your drinks cold and — more importantly — nearby.

7.  Chairs

Photo by @e_timmons (Instagram)

Unless you’re ok with sitting on the ground—or if you told your guests to bring their camp chairs and were able to keep a straight face — you’re going to want to invest in some patio furniture, specifically some comfortable Adirondack chairs or similar. If you want to add a little personality to your backyard fire setup, fun options for fire pit furniture aren’t hard to find. Either way, having some outdoor furniture will make it easier for you and your guests to relax in comfort.

Adding a few accessories to your backyard fire pit enhances an already enjoyable, relaxing experience. What’s your favorite fire pit accessory? What do you consider a backyard fire pit “must have”? Let us know what we’re forgetting in the comments!