Family sitting in field with a mountain backdrop.

6 Ways to Reconnect with Mom this Mother’s Day

Spend some quality time with Mom, after letting her sleep in, of course.

First things first: What your mom really wants on Mother’s Day is the chance to sleep in and have some time to herself. But after that, she wants to sit back, relax and catch up with you. Why else do you think she’s always calling to check in?

And because we’re getting close to summer and the weather is warming up, there’s no better place to sit and talk than Mom’s backyard.

With that in mind, here are a couple of ideas that’ll make reconnecting with Mom this Mother’s Day extra special.

Man doing yard work around the flower garden.
Photo by Lisa Fotios (Pexels)

1.  Clean up Mom’s Yard

If Mom—or Dad—hasn’t gotten around to spring yardwork just yet, grab your work gloves and get to it. And if you’ve given Mom the day to herself, imagine how surprised and happy she’ll be when she comes home to a freshly cut lawn and newly manicured beds. A good “spring cleaning” of Mom’s yard will last at least a few weeks, give you both something nice to look during your Mother’s Day chat, and remind her of you every time she looks out the window.

2.  Plant a Flower Bed or Herb Garden

If tackling Mom’s entire yard is a little daunting, perhaps planting a flower or herb garden is a little more realistic. Herb and flower gardens can last for years, and an herb garden will let Mom cook using fresh ingredients she’s grown herself. And as with the manicured yard, Mom will remember you every time she sees your handiwork.

Bird feeder handing from branch of tree.
Photo by Egor Kamelev (Pexels)

3.  Hang a Bird Feeder

A Mother’s Day classic, hanging a birdfeeder is a nice way to give Mom something that’ll bring her joy and fond memories all year round. If Mom already has the traditional seed-filled bird Feeder, a Hummingbird feeder is a great complement. Almost every region of North America is home to at least one species of Hummingbird, but it’ll still give Mom a thrill to see one of those little guys zipping around right outside her window.

4.  Have a Backyard Picnic

Bust out your wicker basket and gingham blanket, ‘cause you’re treating Mom to a classic picnic right in her very own backyard. You don’t have either of those, you say? Not to worry; a plate of fruits and cheeses, and a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade is all you need for a relaxing afternoon outside. If she’s so inclined, odds are Mom wouldn’t turn down a glass of chilled Rosé, either.

Two pairs of feet resting in a hammock.
Photo by (Pexels)

5.  Gift Mom Outdoor Furniture or String a Hammock

Is Mom doesn’t yet have patio furniture or outdoor chairs, she’ll be thrilled to find she now has a comfortable place to sit and spend time in her yard. Similarly, hanging a hammock between trees or—if Mom doesn’t have any trees in her yard—from a stand gives her yet another place to relax and spend time outdoors; Just be prepared for it to become her favorite spot for a warm-weather nap.

Mother, Father and their three children roasting marshmallows over a fire in a Solo Stove Yukon.

6.  Give Mom a Solo Stove Fire Pit

Nothing completes a family get-together like a fire pit, and the warmth from our Ranger, Bonfire and Yukon fire pits will let Mom enjoy spending time reconnecting with her kiddos in the backyard even when the sun goes down and the temperature starts to drop. And perhaps best of all, Solo Stove fire pits are designed to eliminate Mom’s fire pit nemesis: smoke!

Here’s to Moms everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. We promise to let you sleep in!

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