7 Tips for a Fiery 4th of July

By Taysha Billinger
Feature Image by @youngutah, Solo Stove Content Creator

It’s almost Independence Day! Where community and freedom meet.

If you’ve asked yourself, “How can I have the most impressive 4th of July celebration in the neighborhood?”, you’re in luck. We’ve made a list of 7 tips for an unforgettable party that’ll be the talk of the cul-de-sac for years. From roasting kebabs over your fire pit to watching a mesmerizing fireworks show, anyone can show their summer patriotism with style and ease.

Plan Your Party

Send out those invitations, RSVPs, and emails– it’s time to celebrate! Gather all the ones you love and let them know the 411. Make sure everyone knows what to bring, where to park, and how long they might be out.

**Pro Tip: Making checklists will help make sure you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s!

Bust Out The Solo Stove

Photo by Ryan T.

What better way to connect with your party guests than to cook over the open flames with everyone? Fire up your Ranger, Bonfire, or Yukon and customize savory kebabs together. Set up a cooking competition to see who can come up with the tastiest combinations or enjoy 4th of July smores under the bright moon. 

Make Time For Fireworks

Photo by Whitney H.

Here come this year’s fireworks! Solo Stove’s home state of Texas allows sparks to fly rampant from June 24th through July 4th, so let the celebrations ring free. When it gets dark enough, let the grand firework show begin. And don’t forget the sparklers for the kids! If you’re in an area without fireworks, give Color Packs a try instead!

BBQ: Texas Style

Photo by William M.

It wouldn’t be a 4th of July celebration without barbeque. Set up your outdoor kitchen with your Solo Stove Grill or Fire Pit Cooking System to fill the air with scents of seared steaks and hot dogs. Be sure to prepare more food than you think you’d need– it’s what brings us all together (and everyone loves seconds)!

Give Everyone a Place To Sit

Photo By Melinda B.

Here’s something that might be at the bottom of your list: where is everyone going to sit!? There’s nothing worse than going to an outdoor party and juggling your tired legs, two plates, and a drink while trying to hold a conversation. Being uncomfortable almost ALWAYS takes away from any experience. Make sure your guests are comfortable and having a good time with enough seats.

**Pro Tip: If your party is completely outside, check out this blog for a mosquito-free night with the help of your fire pit!

100° Cool-Down

Photo by Nicole N.

We don’t have to say this summer’s sun is unforgiving. Try setting up sprinklers for the kids, or if you have a pool, be sure it’s clean and ready for the party. Staying hydrated is crucial during the summer seasons, so don’t forget to fill the cooler with lots of ice and water bottles. If you can, try setting the party later in the day, so the heat isn’t as unbearable.

**Pro tip: Have lots of sunscreen on hand!

Have Fun!

Photo by Sabrinna L.

Our final tip is to enjoy every second of the day. It’s always good to connect with the ones you love and just relax in the midst of everything else your life demands. Take some time to slow down this 4th of July and remind yourself of everything you’re grateful to have.

As always, stay safe and have a happy 4th of July!