Solo Stove Team’s Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

By Solo Stove Team

Thanksgiving is all about gathering with loved ones to reconnect and share what we’re most grateful for, and food is a great connector. You may not agree with your loved ones about everything, but you can agree that mashed potatoes are delicious. Food is also at the center of our holiday memories; a taste of your mom’s pumpkin pie can bring your straight back to your childhood.

That’s why we’re sharing the Thanksgiving foods that the Solo Stove team loves, both for their delicious tastes and for the memories associated with them. Lucky for us, some of the team even shared their recipes!

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

“I don’t necessarily have a favorite because I love all Thanksgiving food! But if I had to choose it would be mashed potatoes. I absolutely love mashed potatoes and would eat them for every meal if I could. I can literally eat a whole plate full, so I feel like it’s more acceptable to eat an excessive amount of them on Thanksgiving Day. 😂” – Tawny L., Sales Operations Specialist

“Butterfinger Pie. It started with my Gramma but now my Mom makes it. It’s literally just whipped cream with crushed butter finger candy bars served close to frozen—similar to ice cream. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without it.” – Bryce W., Graphic Designer

“Each Thanksgiving, I look forward to artichoke dip! It’s typically the only appetizer my family prepares (in hopes of not overdoing it before the big meal) and it’s guaranteed to never disappoint. Usually my parents are juggling a multitude of other dishes, so my sister or I will quickly whip it together. Equal parts artichoke, mayo, and parmesan cheese baked at 375(*F) until bubbly and golden brown, and you’ve got yourself a crowd pleaser—even if the crowd says they don’t like mayo. Serve with crackers of your choice and you’ve got a perfect dish to warm you from the outside in!” – Rachel L., Email Marketing Specialist

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is green bean casserole cooked with love because it’s full of meat, cheeses, mushrooms, heavy cream, fresh green beans and red potatoes. My mother always asked me to prepare it because it too was her favorite.” – Wanda M., Customer Relations Supervisor

“After we got back home from Black Friday shopping, my mom would always take the leftovers out of the fridge. While this in of itself is nothing special, what happened next was always better than the actual meal. She called it a Manhattan (no idea where that name came from). You start with a layer of bread on a plate, then add sliced turkey. On top of that can be literally anything else that’s leftover: Sweet potatoes? Throw it on there! Cranberry sauce? Plop it on there! The only rule is that you drown it in gravy. I would recommend eating this concoction in a comfortable manner—you might fall asleep midway through.” – Chris J., Creative Content Coordinator

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is actually Pumpkin Pie. My wife is an excellent baker, including making homemade pie crust on occasion. Nothing beats her pumpkin pie. But in desperation, even a store bought will do. 🙂” – John M., CEO

“Okay, here we go. My favorite holiday of the year makes the best meal for the day AFTER Thanksgiving. The pinnacle of Thanksgiving food is the turkey sandwich that you have the day after Thanksgiving. Heat up a plate of leftovers with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Butter a roll from the day before and gently toast it. Stack the sandwich with roughly chopped turkey, stuffing, some cold cranberry relish and a thin layer of mashed potatoes if you’re feeling really crazy. Dip the sandwich in the warm gravy and enjoy your incoming tryptophan food coma. Thank me later.” – Joe B., Website and Marketplace Product Associate

“My favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely fried turkey and sausage balls! The fried turkey is a Clark family tradition that was headed up by my dad. We would have 2 different options of fried turkeys (which means plenty of leftovers!). It allowed us to get outside and hangout by the fryer. Another tradition is sausage balls (and my Thanksgiving contribution). It’s super easy: hot sausage, cheese, and flour! Mix the ingredients (gets messy), roll into balls, and bake it in the over at 450(*F) for 12 minutes.” – Kennedi M., HR Manager

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes with gravy. Yum! My husband and his daughter typically make the potatoes with the skin on. They add milk and lots of butter to make the mashed potatoes super fluffy.” – Pauline B., Staff Accountant

“Green bean casserole! I’m pretty sure my mom has just made it straight from the recipe bar on the side of the package, but something about the savory side of it and warmth really signifies the holidays and family for me. My mom also makes a mean grapefruit pie with a graham cracker crust and whip cream on top. Best dessert up there with pumpkin pie.” – Jospeh G., Vice President of B2B Sales

“Cranberries! My mom always made them with a little extra sugar, and I put them on everything. My grandma used to say that if you’re unsure if a dish is a real Thanksgiving dish, just slap some cranberries on it and voilá, Thanksgiving is served.” – Carolyn O., Social Media Marketing Specialist

“I am all about the stuffing. I know that it’s just herby, buttery, baked bread, but it’s so delicious—especially with a good layer of gravy on top.” – Jenny G., Copywriter

Thanksgiving Tunes 🎶

Our fall playlist is full of great and crowd-pleasing songs that will serve as perfect background music during your Thanksgiving festivities.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods? Share them with us on social media (tag @solostove)! And be sure to take pictures of your Thanksgiving feasts (and time gathered around your fire pit), and share them on our story submission form!