Six Memorable Fall Outdoor Activities

By Jenny Gumbert

If you’re lucky enough to live in a region where temperatures are beginning to drop, you’re probably starting to see the leaves change and may even find yourself enjoying a sudden crispness in the air. If you live in North Texas, where Solo Stove HQ is located, you’re probably sweating through a sweater while drinking a hot apple cider because you’re going to make fall happen despite the fact that it’s still 94 degrees outside.

Regardless of where you live, fall is a time when we’re collectively ready to slow down and savor every gift that this season has to offer. There are many wonderful activities and traditions associated with autumn and, no matter what the thermometer says, it’s the perfect season to spend time outside with your friends and family and make memories.

Here are just a handful of ideas of how you can get outdoors and have fun this fall.

Photo submitted by John Delberta

Visit a pumpkin patch

Don’t let pumpkin oversaturation deter you from enjoying this classic fall activity. Not only is heading to a pumpkin patch sure to fill you with nostalgia, but you can create that same memory for your family. Choose your pumpkin, go on a hayride, and eat something delicious. Then, take your pumpkins home and have a friendly carving contest. Some patches also have “pie pumpkins” ideal for cooking and adding that ubiquitous spice mixture to so that you can enjoy the, uh, fruits of your labor.

A quick search in your area will help you find the perfect patch; if you’re in Texas, The Daytripper has a great list.

Take a hike

Research shows that an act as simple as going on a walk outside can be beneficial to our health. Going on a hike doesn’t have to mean traveling a long way from home or extended strenuous activity. Look for a simple trail near where you live, then take a walk with a friend or your family and enjoy the fresh air and changing foliage.

Find a festival

If summer is for music festivals, then fall is for every other kind of festival. Search for outdoor festivities in your area or take a short day trip to find autumn fairs and Oktoberfest celebrations, as well as festivals revolving around air balloons, Halloween, and much more.

Build a fire

It will come as no surprise that at Solo Stove we consider a good fire the perfect opportunity to get outside, regardless of the season. But fall in particular seems to lend itself to a bonfire; the cooler nights, the smell of woodsmoke, and the sound of good conversation blend together to create a perfect fall scene.

Plant something

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or ready to take on your first planting endeavor, fall is the time to plant vegetables for spring. You won’t be able to enjoy your hard work right away, but when you pick your homegrown produce next spring, you’ll remember the fall. If you’re looking for something a little more instantaneous, pick your favorite fall annuals and add planters to your front walk or backyard.

Gardening is a great activity for getting children involved, too—even if their biggest contribution is a few misplaced piles of dirt.

Photo submitted by Dylan Lario


You don’t have to love football to enjoy a good tailgate. Tailgating is basically just a bbq outside of the backyard. Think: yard games and grilled foods surrounded by sports gear. Most important, you’re spending quality time with friends and family. Check out our tips to get ideas for your next tailgate.

What are your favorite fall outdoor activities? Share your answers, along with your fall photos and stories, with us on social media or via our submission form.

(Top photo submitted by John Delberta)