Project Good: Father’s Day 2021

 From play-doh sculptures to car keys, dads deserve more than the one day we set aside to honor them. We invited you to nominate a special dad in your life to show your appreciation.  

This year, 12 special guys will receive a free Bonfire on behalf of Project Good. Read on to hear from friends and family who wanted to give dad a really big smile this Father’s Day.

Cody and his daughters

Cody A.

Cody works tirelessly to support his three daughters and wife. He works 60+ hours a week, and has been managing online school on top of it. Actually, he’s graduating in August! Go Cody! And if that wasn’t enough, he’s renovating his kitchen in his spare time. This guy needs a moment to sit back and make some memories that don’t involve work, and we’re happy to provide the perfect fire pit to do that around.

“A favorite memory was when he sat through a 9 hour dance recital in scorching hot heat and didn’t complain once! True girl dad right there!”

Sean and his family

Sean B.

Sean is a super dad who is doing double-house-duty to be able to renovate a home for his family to live in. Using funds from separate renovation projects, he spends his free time turning a house into a family dream home. When he gets a second to breathe between reno projects, you might find Sean in the backyard ice-skating rink he built for his two girls. You go, dad!

“Even though Sean hates the cold, he built an ice skating rink in the backyard the last three years we lived in Chicago. The first time, when it had finally frozen over he lit it up like a runway, got a boombox and turned on some tunes and took his little girls out skating. It is an amazing memory.”

Jason and his newborn daughter

Jason B.

Jason became a first-time dad at the very same time his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the next two years, he stood by his wife as she went through chemotherapy. At the end of her cancer treatment, he made a video highlighting her cancer journey and their daughter’s first year, mixed in with some warm wishes from family members. We think a fire pit will give this dad a way to relax, and make even greater memories for years to come. 

“My favorite memories of my husband are the ones watching him play with our daughter. There are days I am working in my office, and I wait to go downstairs because they are just having so much fun.  It’s a blessing considering we did not know what the future held for both me and our daughter.  He is the epitome of a girl dad.  He plays tea party and dances with her to “Let it Go” from Frozen.  He is an unbelievable husband and father.”

Owen and his kids

Owen D.

Owen has raised two kids on his own while holding a full time job as a police officer. He is constantly doing everything he can to make his kids feel special and loved, like throwing them graduation parties and always sitting around the fire. It’s about time that fire got upgraded, don’t you think?

“He keeps his kids active and happy by providing everything they need, I just want his needs to be met for a change.”

Gary and his loved ones

Gary H.

After losing his own dad at age 12, Gary has become the embodiment of second chances being worth the trouble, and is now a god father and stepfather to some amazing kiddos!

“He is helping to shape a little man into a great guy and we will be writing about him someday.  He’s a hard working, very dedicated, kind, considerate, selfless, generous and inspirational man.  He always puts other’s needs before himself and is beyond deserving of this generous gift.”


Jon K(az).

“Kaz”, as his friends call him, is a single dad raising two teenage boys. He’s a “big kid”, who makes life fun for everyone around him. Kaz works for his town’s Parks and Recreation Department, and also serves as a Summer Camp director! He’s an all around great guy, who deserves a “thank you” for everything he’s worked to maintain. So, THANK YOU!

“Kaz has a son who just turned 13. He is maintaining his deceased wife’s family tradition of writing scavenger hunt clues for their child to find their birthday presents. The number of clues is the number of their birthday! After a long day of work, he came up with 13 awesome, thoughtful, fun clues and they made his son’s birthday morning very special!”

Ray and his daughter

Ray K.

Ray is a cancer survivor and a young dad. When you’ve been through something as fear-inducing as kidney cancer, each holiday spent with your family is put into a new perspective. This Father’s Day, we’re happy to help Ray and his family come together for what is sure to be a celebration to remember.

“As a cancer survivor and a young dad, we are so incredibly grateful we caught the cancer in time so we can continue making memories as a family. Ray, we love you and look forward to the many years exploring the world around us as a family.”


Andrew L.

Working as a chef is no easy task. The work week can easily be 50-60 hours. Andrew has tackled this industry, raised three kids, and took care of his bedridden wife for five years without a single qualm. His original fire pit only has three legs. Luckily, his brand new Solo Stove will have no legs at all and be the perfect fixture for relaxing with his family.

“He’s our anchor. He never gave up, comforting the kids and watching their mom be sick beyond sick. He always keeps pushing and the most important thing to him is keeping our family together, and being there for us.”

Michael and his kids

Michael L.

It’s true what they say: Not all superheros wear capes. In fact, some wear faded CrossFit t-shirts, jeans, and worn-out L.L. Bean slippers with duct tape over the toes. At least Michael does. Michael is a full time fire lieutenant, father of three, and attentive husband. One would never know he may not have gotten a wink of sleep the night before because he had been battling an apartment blaze for hours; tending to an older person experiencing cardiac arrest at a nursing home; rushing to the aid of a small child prone to seizures; or helping to extract an entire family out of their vehicle after an unfortunate car accident. Super dads deserve super gifts. This one’s for you, Michael!

“Michael carries the weight of the world and all its stresses on his cape-less shoulders every day. Our children don’t see it all but I do. They simply see a real-life Super-Man coming home after a 24 or 36 hour shift, always with open arms despite how tired he may be, ready to give them his undivided attention.”

Shane and his son, Paxton

Shane M.

Shane has always put his family first, whether it’s driving his sons around from state to state to play sports, or working his fingers to the bone. He’s described as someone who always puts other people’s needs before his own. Shane, it’s time to take a break and relax!

“We moved three hours away from our last home where my son learned to play his favorite sport in sixth grade. My husband started a local league so he could play that sport his son loved so much. Every night driving 45 miles to practice and 45 miles home from practice for 3 years. Some nights he would go into work around 10 pm until 1 am to catch up on paperwork. My son soon began playing on two other teams. One in another state. We did this for 5 years. Every day. I thank him everyday for being the dad he is to our two sons.”

Joseph, his wife, and their son

Joseph P.

Joseph submitted his story recounting the events leading up to his son’s premature birth. When Joseph’s wife was made to deliver her son at only 25 weeks pregnant, Joseph immediately jumped into dad mode to spend every day possible with his son in the NICU until the family could all go home together.

“He’s a miracle and now that he’s been home 5 months I truly get to enjoy being with him. It’s not easy, we go to doctors appointments what seems like every week, but it’s worth it. I’m happy to report that he is a perfect, healthy, 13lb baby at this point and ahead for his development. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who took great care of him and for everyone who prayed.”

Will with his kiddos

Will S.

Will knows what it takes to be a dad. It’s a small word, but for Will, it packs a big punch. When there are grown up problems, Will is there to take them on so his kids don’t have to. When there’s a pandemic, Will is there to build his kids a set of monkey bars so they don’t go stir crazy. What a cool guy!

“Well, they took the monkey bars as a challenge and after a lot of daily practice got stronger and better at climbing. As spring came, I built them a large jungle gym in the yard so they could challenge themselves at a whole new level with ascending and descending monkey bars, swings, climbing obstacles, a gymnastics bar, a climbing rope and a slide. I am adding onto it but it has been very rewarding to work on ideas together and see them challenge themselves to be bigger and stronger each day!”