Project Good: A Holiday Surprise

Project Good’s mission is bringing happiness and joy to families. In a year like this one, we knew we could do something truly special to make a family’s holiday bright. For this Holiday Edition of Project Good, we reached out to Maria Ethetton, an outreach specialist in our community, to find a family in need who could benefit from countless hours spent around a campfire. That’s when we heard about the Jacobo-Ramirez family.

Maria told us about the difficult year the Jacobo-Ramirez family had faced, and we decided we could do even more than the gift of a Solo Stove. Not only did we surprise them with a fire pit, we had the chance to get each member of the family all the gifts they asked for this year. To make it extra special, our CEO, John Merris, dressed up as Santa and surprised them on their front lawn with their new fire pit and holiday gifts.

May Project Good inspire you to spread good to those in your community and to enjoy more time around the fire as a family.

From all of us at Project Good, we wish you a happy and warm holiday season.