Breakfast on the Fire

Breakfast on the weekends doesn’t have to be a chore. During the week you’re rushing to get out the door and likely shoving in the remainder of last night’s pizza… straight from the fridge. Slow down this weekend with a campfire breakfast in the backyard.

We’ve gathered a few recipes that have us daydreaming over the idea of being around the fire, wrapped in a blanket, warm coffee in hand while making some of these delicious recipes at a weekend pace.

Campfire-Friendly Recipes

Breakfast Burger
Photo & recipe via Jelly Toast

The king of all breakfast sandwiches.

The picture really says it all. We can’t wait to dive into this deliciousness. Let your Solo Stove bring the heat, while each family member makes a component of this glorious morning concoction.

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Tomato Basil Frittata
Photo & recipe via Fresh Off The Grid

Throw the ingredients in and watch the fire while you drink your coffee. This great Italian breakfast dish is low effort and sure to please. Best of all –it can be customized with any vegetables, meats, or varieties of cheese!

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Breakfast Potatoes
Photo & recipe via Dirty Gourmet

Classic campfire potatoes. Enough said. Just throw on the ingredients and wait for the magic. We won’t tell if you don’t share.

Bonus: Add a fried egg on top for a little extra protein!

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Cinnamon Roll Ups
Photo & recipe via Almost Supermom

Kids (and those who still think they are) are sure to love this adorable and easy to make breakfast treat. Roasting and drizzling, here we come!

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Photo & recipe via Fresh Off The Grid

If you’re the type that loves a spicy breakfast, we like you, and we like this recipe too. So many flavors wrapped into one delicious dish.

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Sweet Potato & Chorizo Hash
Photo & recipe via Fresh Off The Grid

A little sweet, a little spicy. Fire it up and cook for a crew of any size with this flexible recipe.

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Orange Blueberry Muffins
Photo & recipe via Apron Strings

What a creative citrus surprise. Easy enough that kids will love helping you prep – and of course, eat!

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Which one was your favorite? Share your photos with us on social media and show us your weekend breakfast memory making!