Why Stainless Steel Is The Best Material For Fire Pits

By Taysha Billinger

You’re not just investing in looks when you want something that won’t buckle under pressure– but that doesn’t mean you have to trade style for durability. A big part of making a high-quality investment is making sure it’ll be there for the long run, and for us, that means something that’ll last burn after burn– that’s where 304 stainless steel comes in. It’s the perfect material to fortify your fire pit against time and the elements. Not only is it weather resistant, but in the world of durable, high-heat metals, it’s lightweight, making your fire pit both long-lasting and portable.

Easy To Use

Whether it’s your first or 100th time igniting a flame, our fire pits are designed so setting up a smokeless flame never has to be intimidating. With superior airflow backed by a stainless steel build, you’ll go from novice to expert as fast as you’ll go from box to burn. And our wide range of stainless steel accessories and tools, you can tend to your fire pit safely, cultivate your heat the way to need, and do it all from the comfort of your seat every time you light up.

Easy To Move

Traditional outdoor fire pits were made to be stationary, and most are made from stone or encased in dense metal that would be too heavy and bulky to move. With a smokeless fire pit made entirely of 304 stainless steel, packing up and moving your fire pit exactly where you need it is a breeze. Brighten your favorite outdoor hangout spots like the beach or a familiar hiking trail with a fire pit made with long-lasting material that won’t buckle under pressure.

Easy To Enjoy

All Solo Stove Fire Pits are double-walled and have superior ventilation for a clean and smokeless fire. Our 360° Airflow is a technology that combines the constant incoming airflow with the heat of the stainless steel to superheat air and burn off smoke right at its source. Without the driving force of the stainless steel, your fire pit wouldn’t get hot enough to provide a mesmerizing flame or initiate a Secondary Burn. And, with a myriad of ultra-durable stainless steel accessories and tools, the open-flame fun is endless. From Heat Deflector redirecting your heat exactly where you need it the most to Sticks that make tending to your flame easy, 304 stainless steel is the driving force that’ll enhance your experiences.

So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your at-home outdoor spaces or just looking for a new travel buddy, stainless steel will be there for all of your adventures.

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