Why Should I Use a Spark Arrestor?

By Jenny Gumbert

No matter how many times you start a fire, it always feels like an exciting accomplishment. You’re the hero of the evening, whether it’s in your backyard or on your campsite. You’ve created something out of nothing. You’ve conquered nature. You. Rock.

The reaction is primal, we just can’t help it. But sometimes, when enjoying your oh-so-easy-to-set-up Solo Stove Fire Pit with your family, you hear a familiar “pop!” and an ember jumps up.

This is a normal part of burning a fire, whether in a fire pit on your deck, in your fireplace, or out in the wilderness, especially if you choose to use softer woods. But those jumping sparks and embers can be a bit of a distraction and take you out of relaxation-mode (which was the whole purpose of creating the fire anyway, right?).

When should I use a spark arrestor?

The U.S. Fire Administrations recommends always using a metal screen of some kind on your fire pit. This additional precaution ensures that your surroundings are guarded from rogue embers and sparks. (Be sure to look at local fire safety regulations if transporting your fire pit to a locale beyond the backyard.)

Why use the Solo Stove Shield?

The Solo Stove Shield is a unique spark screen that is custom designed to fit our fire pits perfectly. In other words, this clean, minimal, two-piece spark shield provides an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

The upper section of The Shield can be removed on its own, allowing you to add more wood to your fire without having to remove the entire unit. The Shield also self-centers to dock seamlessly with your fire pit, adding another roadblock for those pesky sparks and embers to navigate.

Can I cook on top of The Shield?

Though those grates on top may look ready for a skillet or to act as a grill, that is not the intention of The Shield. Our fire pits were designed to be used in your backyard, helping you gather friends and family at home. (We leave serious campfire cooking to our stoves.) That doesn’t mean you can’t cook with your fire pit; just keep it to fire-pit-friendly foods that you can roast on a stick (hot dogs, marshmallows, etc.). Speaking of which…

Want s’mores? No problem.

One of the best features of The Shield are the roasting stick supports that pair perfectly with your Solo Stove Sticks so that you can still roast up marshmallows and hot dogs. Simple, safe, and delicious.

So, set up your fire pit, add your shield, relax, and enjoy a perfect fire.

For more information about how the Solo Stove Shield creates a safer fire, including other safety recommendations, view our previous post.

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