Which Fire Pit Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out

They say your fire pit says a lot about you. Are you more like the biggest and baddest Yukon or the Lone Ranger? We’ve curated the perfect quiz to help you discover your true flame. Answer the questions below to find out which fire pit best describes you.

Question 1: What does an ideal weekend look like to you?

A: Nature, here I come!

B: Family time for sure!

C: Party at my house!

Question 2: You’re assembling a crew of friends. How many people are you calling?

A: 1-3 Friends

B: 4-6 Friends

C: 7+ Friends

Question 3: In a group project…

A: I let the smart kids do it!

B: I do my part and help when needed.

C: We’re all besties by the end of it!

Question 4: What are you like at a party?

A: Let the people watching begin…

B: I like to make sure the good times roll for everyone.

C: Tearin’ up the dance floor!

Question 5: How do you roast your marshmallows over the fire?!

A: A slight toast

B: Nice ‘n’ Crispy

C: Golden roasted!


If you answered mostly A: you’re a RANGER

You are the quintessential solo traveler—the self-sufficient survivalist. You are someone who enjoys solitude in the outdoors. You’re more introverted and prefer to experience your fiery adventures alone or with a small tribe. Find out more about yourself here.

If you answered mostly B: you’re a BONFIRE!

Whether you’re around a new group or family, you always find a way to bring people together and create a sense of community. You’re considerate of others and remain humble in your thoughtfulness. Your attention to detail and ability to stay grounded even in the most chaotic situations makes you the perfect host and, overall the best person to be around. Find out more about yourself here.

If you answered mostly C: you’re a YUKON!

You are the life of the party! If there’s ever any dead air, your voice alone carries the energy and excitement to fill a room. No matter where you go, you can find good conversation with anyone and love meeting new people. You’re caring and always want to make sure everyone is comfortable when you’re around. Your friends describe you as “the salt of the earth” and couldn’t imagine life without you. Find out more about yourself here.

What’d you get? Whatever the fire pit, you’re a bright light in everyone’s life. Whether you enjoy your small tribe or carry the party with you everywhere, adventure is anywhere you make it as long as you’ve got a great, smokeless flame.