What Is 360° Airflow?

By Taysha Billinger

Air is the number one thing fire needs to spark, grow, and be sustained. Without it, your fire can’t exist or give you long hours of warmth. The crux of a good fireside experience is quality fuel with enough airflow to fan your flame. From the moment you ignite your flame, our 360° Airflow Technology optimizes the air your fire needs to give you a smooth and smokeless burn. But what is 360° Airflow? 

Let’s kick this off with some key terms:

Upper Burn Holes

At the very top of your fire pit, there is a ring of holes on the inside. This is where Secondary Burn blossoms. Powered by 360° Signature Airflow, superheated air will travel to the upper burn holes, and shoot out to effectively burn off smoke. But this process all begins with the Lower Burn Holes.

Lower Burn Holes

The holes at the bottom of your fire pit are doing more than sitting pretty. What you don’t see is the air they’re constantly pulling in as you burn– think of them as a vacuum. The air drawn in rests at the bottom of your fire pit in the “Burn Chamber.”

Burn Chamber

The Burn Chamber is the interior of your fire pit, made specifically for your flame’s sustainability. This is where your fire lives, and is fanned. Once air is pulled in from the lower burn holes, “convection” begins here.


In a nutshell, “360° Airflow” is convection. It’s the movement of air, caused by heat. Air becomes less dense and rises the more it’s heated; without heat, it sinks. When it’s initially pulled in from the lower burn holes, it hasn’t matched the warmth of your fire pit yet, so it sinks and fans the flames from below. All three components are crucial to the system called:

360° Airflow

Anytime you hear the phrase “360° Airflow”, whether it’s the technology or design, it’s always referring to what’s happening inside your fire pit. The incoming air interacts with the fire’s warmth, creating a continuous domino effect. 

The Domino Effect of 360° Airflow

  1. Air is pulled through the lower burn holes and trapped in the burn chamber. Its movement fans the flames from below, causing the fire to increase in temperature.
  2. In turn, the flame gets hot enough to heat the fire pit’s double walls and the gap between them. 
  3. Once the walls are heated, they cause incoming air flowing in-between to rise to the top instead of sinking to the burn chamber 
  4. The hotter the walls get, the hotter and less dense the air is. Once the air is superheated, it shoots out of the upper burn holes and initiates Secondary Burn.

This cycle continues as your fire burns, keeping your flame hot and smokeless. It’s like a “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” kind of thing but with fire and air– hence the name “360° Airflow”. But understanding our airflow design is just the tip of the iceberg. This technology is the engine that powers Secondary Burn and is vital to a bright, smokeless flame. Learn everything you need to know about Secondary Burn here.

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