Vanlife & Nomad Essentials: Solo Stove Style

By Carolyn Owen
Feature Image by @adamnlamb

The world is huge. With over 196.9 million square miles of land, planet earth is a vast expanse waiting to be explored. To follow that fact, here’s another: burnout is real. Caused by overwork, stress, and mental exhaustion, running on empty for too long can make us forget that there’s more to the world than our own personal sources of pressure.

In an effort to regain connection with life outside of work, maybe you find yourself scrolling through YouTube, falling down rabbit holes of new ideas. In your search, you may have come across the idea of living on the road, or taking your lodging with you via RV or Sprinter Van as you uncover the planet’s many wondrous sceneries.

What’s the cure to burnout? Reconnecting with what matters most to you. Or in this case, driving away as swiftly as possible. Read on to see how Solo Stove can fit into your (van)life, and to hear what a couple nomadic members of our team recommend most while on the road.

Staying Warm

No matter the season, the dark of night cools down your campsite when the warm, balmy sun goes down. Stay warm with any of these ultra-hot essentials:

Solo Stove Fire Pits

Solo Stove Fire Pits are built for the backyard and beyond– meaning, they’re ultra-portable and versatile for use in any environment. Make the world your backyard with Bonfire or Ranger– you’ll find the same smokeless firepower and functionality with your choice of either size. No matter which fire pit you pick, we recommend adding on Shield, Lid, and Stand for ultimate security and versatility while on the go.

Photo by @leclairphotovideo

Bonfire is our most popular fire pit, weighing in at 20 pounds with a diameter of 19.5 inches. This mid-sized fire pit is perfect for both the backyard and the campsite. All accessories are available in all fire pit sizes, and will make your experience with Bonfire one to remember. Check out our Fire Pit Accessory Guide to learn more.

Photo by @roamsimply

Ranger is the fire pit built for adventure. Our smallest fire pit weighs 15 pounds with a diameter of 15 inches. It’s not just perfect for a campsite, but for cityscapes and small spaces alike. Ranger is even better with sidekicks- see our Guide To Portability to learn about how to take your accessories on the road.

Solo Stove Camp Stoves

If a fire pit will take up too much space, allow us to recommend a camp stove instead. 

Photo by @wateliving

Use a Campfire for a quick burn, and warm up your hands while you’re at it. We’ll talk more about camp stoves in the next section, but if you’re strictly looking for a way to stay warm without taking up room in your van, Campfire is a great option. Using the same Signature 360° Airflow as our fire pits, you’ll know a smokeless burn is guaranteed. It also cools down even faster than a fire pit, so that’s a win-win in our book.

Staying Full

At least a few universal truths apply to every person on earth. One of them is, you’ve gotta eat. Take the kitchen with you with the help of a few key elements.

Fire Pit Accessories

If you’re already sitting around a fire pit for warmth, you might as well make dinner too. Do this as easily as possible by roasting, toasting, or grilling. 

Photo by @airstreamvagabond

The Fire Pit Cooking System is made up of the fire pit you know and love, with the addition of custom molded cast iron. Use your choice of Cast Iron Grill, Griddle, or Wok and upgrade your campfire fare from freeze dried to fresh in a snap. Snag a Cast Iron Cooktop Carry Case while you’re at it. Cast Iron tends to house some soot after use, so you’ll want this to keep smudges out of your cab’s interior. Learn more about how this setup is crucial to your campsite here.

Photo by Solo Stove

Everyone loves roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. It’s easy and practical, but using whichever dead tree branch you can break a twig off of may not be the cleanest option. Upgrade your roasting session with some Sticks. They come in a carry case built for convenience so you never have to be without them, letting you use those twigs as extra fuel instead of utensils.

 Solo Stove Camp Stoves

You may have left home, but having a reliable stove top can make the transition easy. Ours are fueled by nature: wood, sticks, twigs, pinecones, etc.– so as long as you have your camp stove, you can always eat. Pair with any of our Pots, custom sized to hold your camp stove while on the go.

Photo by Solo Stove

Use Titan to feed a few people at a time. Each camp stove comes complete with a carry case  to make packing up easy. For that at-home feeling on the road, check out our Gear Kits for all the accessories necessary for flame kissed food on the go.

Photo by Solo Stove

The Lite is the perfect companion for someone with a minimalist mindset. This camp stove is only 9 oz., and is a great option for someone who also enjoys a snack on a day hike every now and then.

Tips From The Team

Solo Stove’s very own Chris and Alison know quite a few things about life on the road. Chris, the host of Solo Stove LIVE has even streamed from right outside of his Airstream. Alison and her family live life on the go as often as possible in their RV. See what they can’t live without here:

Chris’ Airstream Checklist:

Chris’ truck & Airstream combo
  • A comfy two person camping chair
  • A quiet generator, or a way to charge batteries
  • A cooler with wheels on it, for ease and portability
  • A sturdy and small outdoor side table
  • Plenty of bowls and cups
  • Travel Apps to make planning ahead easier:

Alison’s RV Checklist:

Alison and her family
  • An ice maker
  • A 5 gallon water jug and pump
  • Airtight dog food storage
  • Quick-zip sheets for the bed
  • Automatic tire pressure gauge
  • Plenty of storage solutions to organize clothes and linens

Get Ready To Hit The Road: