Solo Stove x Outer: Backyard Bliss Is In the Details

The Ultimate Backyard Bliss Giveaway brought to you by Solo Stove and Outer is our biggest giveaway. . . ever! The winner will get everything they need to transform their backyard space into a relaxation haven, including a Conversation Set of outdoor chairs from Outer, maker of the comfiest, most durable outdoor furniture out there, plus a Yukon Ultimate Bundle + Lid to make countless cozy memories by the fire with their loved ones.

Making simple, ingenious products that are a joy to use is a passion of ours. In honor of this giveaway, we asked Terry Lin, co-founder and Chief Design Officer of Outer, to share his favorite details about the Yukon Ultimate Bundle and Yukon Lid, and our product development team did the same with the Outer Conversation Set! Read on to learn more about when it comes to making getting outside simply joyful, the bliss is in the details.

What Outer Loves About Yukon Ultimate Bundle and Yukon Lid

Terry Lin, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Outer, shares with us his favorite features of the Yukon Ultimate Bundle + Lid:

The first thing I loved about the Yukon and it’s accessories are how straightforward they are. The Yukon was so easy to get burning. I used a bit of newspaper, some kindling, and starters to get the fire going. As soon as it lit up, I was immediately transported. All those memories of going camping as a kid came back to me. The sounds of the fire crackling and the wood burning reminded me of those times in the outdoors. When my child saw me light the fire, I knew how excited they would be to make some s’mores.

There’s something primal that I love about the fire in the Yukon. With propane fires, whether in your fireplace or outside, you just hit a button and it starts. You forget about the fire. With the wood fire in the Yukon, you find yourself just staring at the fire. You’re not looking at your phone. There’s a beautiful inconsistency of fire that I love. The colors are always changing. The embers are glowing in and out.

When it comes to design, I noticed how efficient the airflow is in the fire pit. The lower vent holes provide all the oxygen the fire needs to burn and the double-walls let air travel to the top and out of the upper vents to burn off at the top. The fire is truly smokeless.

Being in northern California, we have what’s called “Spare the Air Days” when you can’t burn a wood fire. But on any other day, I can have a fire and not release any smoke in the air. Sustainability and caring for the environment is one of the first priorities when we design a product at Outer, so that aspect of the fire pit really resonated with me.

I love how the Stand lets me use the fire pit wherever I want it. The airflow is similar to the fire pit, in that air moves freely below to keep the temperature cool on whatever surface it’s placed on.

All of the accessories were so easy to use. It made the experience of lighting and enjoying a fire super simple.  The forty-five degree bend on the Tools let me adjust the logs from a safe distance. I especially love how the Stand, Shield, Lid, and Shelter all nest together when I need to store it.

The important connection I make with Solo Stove and Outer is that we both make getting outside easy. Sometimes, there are “bookends” that come with getting outside. As makers of outdoor furniture, those bookends are having to clean off your outdoor sofa cushions, removing a cover, or getting those cushions out of your garage where you keep them safe from the rain. With Solo Stove, I see those bookends as being getting your fire going, having to constantly add or adjust the logs in the fire pit, or not wanting to stay long around the fire because your fire pit smokes too much. We both work to eliminate these bookends to encourage spending time outside. That’s why I’m excited about this partnership with Solo Stove!

What Solo Stove Loves about Outer’s Conversation Set

When we first sat down on the Outer Conversation Set chair, we didn’t want to get up. The cushions feel more like a cushy indoor sofa, or, better yet, a memory foam mattress. We love the fact that the cushions are multi-layered. Most outdoor sofas and chairs have single-layer cushions. These cushions felt like sitting on a cloud. By the light of a Solo Stove fire pit, it’s the ultimate relaxation station.

Not only is the chair the most comfortable outdoor chair we’ve ever sat on, it’s amazingly durable. While other outdoor sofa cushions absorb water like a sponge, Outer rethought the design of outdoor furniture by asking, “Why do you want to let water get inside your cushion? Why not design a cushion that repels water instead?” Water ripples off the surface of the cushion with ease. Not to mention, the cushions are UV-resistant as well. These chairs are going to look and feel great to sit on for years.

If making their cushions water-resistant wasn’t enough, the OuterShell® is one of the coolest features we’ve seen. The OuterShell® doubles down on protecting the cushions from the elements with its ingenious built-in design. Instead of having to put a separate cover over the chair, the OuterShell® rolls right over the cushions at the perfect length and stores neatly behind the cushions.

The wicker is something truly amazing. We would usually stray from choosing wicker in our outdoor furniture at home because it’s not durable, but Outer’s is. The wicker is completely designed by Outer to be fade-resistant, crack-resistant, as well as friendly to the environment. We love the fact that it takes 99 recycled plastic bottles to make the weave on each chair. As lovers of the outdoors, we are proud to sit on a chair made by a company that cares for the environment just as much as we do.

Everything about the chair calls out to our love for design, even down to the screws you use to attach the legs to the chairs. They were the perfect length and it took little time to screw them in. Also, did we mention the chair legs are made with 304 stainless steel? Outer seems like a match made in backyard, fireside heaven.

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