Solo Stove Lid: Designed With Versatility In Mind

by Carolyn Owen

Solo Stove fire pits were designed to make getting outside easy. No matter where you are, whether it be a backyard or your favorite campground, you can go from “box to burn” in 5 minutes. Where ease of use and versatility meet in the outdoors, Solo Stove is there. Our accessories fall in line with our original mission: making life easier. Introducing: Solo Stove Lid. Is your fire pit… just a fire pit? With Lid it’s even more. Read on to find out how.


If you have a Bonfire, there’s a chance you’ve got a great eye for aesthetics. The sleek 304 stainless steel design of our fire pit models makes them easily fit into any kind of backyard design. Lid takes that up a notch, by converting your fire pit of the future into a stylish, modern accent table all while protecting the inside of your fire pit from the elements.

Lid turns my fire pit into an awesome, beautiful table top when I’m not using my fire pit. I’ve had mine outside for a few months now and the [burn chamber] still looks great even though the exterior has been exposed to the elements like rain, snow, and sun. Love this product!” – Joe L.

“Because it’s so portable, the Bonfire with the Lid can be used as an extra chair-side table for food & drink before we start the evening fire. Or the Lid can be flipped over & be used as a tray to serve food & beverages.” – John P.

Whether you’re taking your Ranger along for the ride on your next camping trip, or setting the mood for your next party on the deck with your Yukon, you’ll need a place to play cards, set your drinks down, or build your kebab skewers before you get your fire started. Once your fire is going, if you need a place to dock a hot Shield, or even a tray to hold leftovers, Lid is your new best friend. Pro-tip: wow your friends at your next party by having your kindling ready-to-light inside the fire pit, and watch how impressed they are when you pull the Lid off to reveal it. Just trust us. 

Ease of Use:

Once your fire has roared with all its might and is getting as sleepy as you are after a night of flame tending, you might be looking for a way to cool down those hot coals for good. Once the flames are done dancing and all you see are hot, red embers, you’re good and cleared to place your Lid on top of your fire pit to help speed up the cooling down process. Be careful, if flames are still in your fire pit when you place the Lid on, they might try to find the nearest exit, i.e. the bottom exterior holes, and could sear your grass, or worse, your toes. Ouch. We advocate for only the best in fire safety, so take our word for it: you should only use Lid when you see red embers. Once Lid has been safely placed onto your fire pit, you can have peace of mind that your surroundings will stay safe while you clean up the rest of the party.

“At the end of an evening when the fire has reduced to ashes & a few glowing coals, I can slip the lid on to protect the Bonfire while it remains in the center of the patio for the night.” – John P.

Want to be on par with the official Solo Stove recommendation for snuffing a hot fire pit? We’ve got you covered:

Quality in Design:

Lid’s design perfectly compliments not only the fire pit, but all accompanying fire pit accessories. Lid is contoured to fit perfectly over an upright Flame Ring, so there is no need to worry about flipping it before docking your Lid securely on top. When it comes to nesting accessories like Stand and Shield inside of the fire pit, you will still be able to place your Lid on top. Lid’s rounded edges fit smoothly over the top of your fire pit, and will still leave enough space to slide your Shelter right over it. Lid isn’t just any old flimsy piece of tin foil. Made out of the same 304 stainless steel as our fire pits, you can trust that Lid will hold up under pressure.

“The 27″ Yukon Lid is perfecto. Solid and fits perfectly and you can still use the Shelter!” – Robert W.

Ready to put a Lid on it? Click here to get your own!