Solo Stove Fireside Stories: Summertime Music Festivals

Tell Us Who You Are.

Coleen and Steve Bohnert, we both love music and the outdoors. Summertime music festivals and camping are the perfect combos.

Where Did You Go?

We went to Briggs Farm Blues Festival in Nescopeck, PA. 4 days of music and fun. Camped right on the farm!

What Did You Do?

Listened to some wonderful music and met with old and new friends.

What Was Your Essential Gear

We brought our Airstream and all camping gear. This was the first time using the stove and it was perfect for the chilly mornings.

What Did You Eat?

Steaks, burgers and such on the Weber Q1200.

How Did You Sleep?

We were very comfortable in the Airstream.

What Were Your Challenges?

The first day we arrived to set up was ungodly hot. Just took our time and worked through it, then had a refreshing beverage.

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

Best moment of the trip was listening to all the great artists perform.