Mt Hood National Forest

Solo Stove Fireside Stories: Sharing The Love Of The Outdoors

Tell Us About Yourself

We have four kids, the oldest three are boys, and they are BUSY. Getting them outside, exploring and seeing all the beauty around us is something I got to do as a young boy, and want to pass along to them.

three brothers at camp with their dad

Where Did You Go?

Mt Hood National Forrest

What Did You Do?

We hiked a bit, cooked, enjoyed the amazing views, and listened to the World Cup on satellite radio 🙂

What Was Your Essential Gear?

Our skyrise tent from Yakima and our Solo Stove Campfire.

campfire and rooftop tent

What Did You Eat?

“Campfire special” for dinner (Mac and cheese with hot dogs cut up and mixed in). Steel cut oats with strawberries and maple syrup for breakfast.

How Did You Sleep?

Rooftop tent.

What Were Your Challenges?

Spilled the water the first night right as it was about to boil. It wasn’t great timing, but we hadn’t put the pasta in yet thankfully. So we boiled more water and just ate a bit later than we originally intended.

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

Hiking to an old fire viewpoint where (on a clear day) you can see seven peaks in Oregon/Washington.

mountain peak photos