Solo Stove Fireside Stories: Dog Sledding and Cross Country Skiing

Tell Us About Yourself.

I love the outdoors as the only way to see places that few people do. The sights and sounds are amazing and you never know who/what you will meet on the trail.

Where Did You Go?

Our group of Boy Scouts (Troop 72 from Mitchell SD) travelled to the Boundary Waters (northern Minnesota on the border with Canada) and spent 3 days Dog Sledding and Cross Country Skiing. The experience was outstanding and the use of Dog Sleds was the perfect way to see this stretch of country. The nights were cold (we slept outside) but the sky was clear and the stars were crisp. I hope to do it again!

What Did You Do?

Dog Sledding and Cross Country skiing as well as some hiking and learning survival skills.

What Was Your Essential Gear?

A Spud (to chop through the ice on the lakes), Polar Fleece and windproof gear (much of that gear was Columbia), and LOTS of Calories.

What Did You Eat?

Nuts, trail mix, Hudson Bay Bread (yum), pasta with meatballs. We brought a grill grate and cooked over open fires using deadfall trees as fuel. Also, chocolate is a must!

How Did You Sleep?

Sleeping bag in a sleeping bag placed on 2 foam mats on the ground. A large tarp under all of this, burritto’d on top and clipped with a couple of carabiners. your head has to stick out or you will get too moist. Frost was everywhere.

What Were Your Challenges?

One of the 2 adult leaders got seriously sick and had to be evacuated out. We hauled him on the Dog Sled and got him to medical, then continued on our adventure. He is still recovering.

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

The rush of flying across a frozen lake on the Dog sled. Also the daytime and nighttime views were un-matchable.