Solo Stove Fireside Stories: A Trip to Longoz Forest

Tell Us About Yourself.

I am a new graduate, I and my roommate decided to go for a trip to Longoz Forest for escaping from Istanbul’s noisy crowded streets. I think everybody needs to spend some time in nature from time to time to remember how peaceful nature is.

Where Did You Go?

We went to a place near Longoz Forest in Turkey for 4 days. The environment was wonderful however I can’t say the same thing for the weather

What Did You Do?

This trip was spontaneously developed so we hitchhiked with backpacks and at some point, we rent bikes in order to reach the campsite. It was not a planned trip so we didn’t do anything rather than sleeping under stars, relax and visit some local landmarks such as a lighthouse.

What Was Your Essential Gear?

It rained a lot and my tarp and solo stove was the most important gears for the trip. Being able to cook a meal under a tarp without burning it was only possible with the stove.

What Did You Eat?

we had limited space so we only took some steaks and rice with us. For other ingredients, we had to go for a bike ride for 20 minutes to the nearest village.

How Did You Sleep?

We used tents for sleeping and a tarp for extra protection from weather, sleeping bags and some bug spray was also a must for our trip

What Were Your Challenges?

The only problem for us was, we needed to set up our tents under heavy rain. We ended up soaking wet however we still managed to keep inside of our tents dry. It was cold and I thought Solo stove can provide a little warmth but at the end, we decided to make a big campfire. I will be taking a bigger size solo stove for my next trip

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

My favourite moment was watching the heavy rain and flashes of lightning under the tarp while the sweet smell of my meal getting ready from the pot giving the air around me a nice aroma.