river photo by Tyson Dudley

Solo Stove Fireside Stories: A Solo Trip to Brasstown Bald

Solo Stove trip reports summarize what our community is out and about doing. From the backyard to the backcountry, we have you covered! Want to share your story with Solo Stove? Submit one here!

Tells Us About Yourself.

My name is Adam. My wife is Sasha. Our cat is Kitrie. And we have our first babe on the way. We love to be outside – to slow down and recalibrate. We travel to the mountains, to the forest, and to the ocean with our 27-year-old Scamp travel trailer. The one non-negotiable on every trip is a Solo Stove Bonfire to end the night.

Where Did You Go?

Our Solo Stove Bonfire has been to the forests and lakes of the Midwest to the ocean and mountains of North Carolina.

What Did You Do?

Most recently, the Solo Stove Bonfire had a two night run in Hiawassee, GA. It helped keep the bugs away as I looked up at the stars while camping at one of the best campgrounds I have ever stayed at – Long Ridge Campground in Hiawassee, GA.

What Was Your Essential Gear?

Solo Stove Bonfire, Pelican Cooler, checkered Vans, Chemex, and Land Rover magazines.

What Did You Eat?

Beyond Burgers, root beer, and “no” tuna salad made from a Forks over Knives recipe.

travel trailer and scenic views

How Did You Sleep?

1991 Scamp 16-foot fiberglass travel trailer.

What Were Your Challenges?

This was my first solo trip with the Scamp. My wife went on a weekend away with her girlfriends…sort of a “mommy moon.” So I went solo to the mountains to reflect on the upcoming birth of our first child. My challenge was setting up camp with our Scamp for the first time alone. I took my time, listened to some music, and got it all done.

What Was Your Favorite Moment?

There was a rushing stream running through the campground – sitting next to it reading my bible and thinking about life was just what I needed. The deep breath. I also hiked to the top of Brasstown Bald – Georgia’s highest point. Beautiful!

Anything Else You’d Like Us To Know?

I am not loyal to many brands – but I am so excited about Solo Stove. Your products have never let me down. 5 other people have purchased the Solo Stove Bonfire after experiencing ours and hearing how much we praise the brand. Keep up the great work!