Solo Stove Fire Pits: The Elemental Color Series

By Carolyn Owen and Devin Osbourn
Creative Direction by Chris Johnson
Art by Chris Ericson

It’s no secret that fire is Solo Stove’s favorite element of earth. The brilliance of fire is how effortlessly it reminds us of our primal nature. The Elemental Color Series shines a light on fire’s more subtle counterparts that reveal different aspects of our human experience, paying homage to the elements that surround and sustain us, allowing us to make new memories day in and day out. Planet earth is a provider. Connecting with elements of the earth can provide us with good moments no matter where we are– whether in your backyard or on the trail, earth’s elements embrace all of our experiences equally; as if they were especially intended just for us at the perfect point in time, to capture a new memory we’d treasure. Now, get Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon in carefully crafted colors to connect you to the elements that ground you.

Today we are happy to introduce you to the concepts that inspired the colors that make up this series: Ash, Water, Sand, Soil, and Clay. These elements remind us of the natural forces in perpetual motion that keep our lives marching forward. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind each color in the Elemental Color Series, and how they could assist in inspiring the unique aesthetic of your own space:

Good Moments, Now in Color

Ash: Transformation

An element of transformation, ash is a gentle reminder of the power in starting over. Good moments can come from new experiences, new outlooks, or just a new day. When wood burns up into ash, it becomes a powerful fertilizer, transforming seeds into food, textiles, and resources. The element of transformation reminds us of the metamorphosis involved in making ordinary things beautiful. Take your outdoor experience from everyday to extraordinary with the transformative power of Ash.

Ash’s timeless tone is for the fire pit lover with mid-century modern sensibilities. Use Ash to inspire your backyard design! Get started here:

Want to see an Ash fire pit in your space? Click the buttons below to see Ash in action:

Water: Transition

An element of transition, water considers the value of progress. Wavering from one form to another, it inspires good moments between the destination, in the lull of conversation, or a break from routine. Water always finds a way. A free-flowing, never stagnant, powerful force of nature, water reminds us of the intensity, or sometimes lack thereof, through transitional periods of our lives. Whether the pace of a babbling brook or raging white water rapids, surrendering to the natural flow of events throughout our lives will yield results we never could have imagined, and place us in situations we never saw coming. Coming around the fire is a soulful way to connect with those involved in the transitional times of our lives, and Water marks the occasion.

Water’s deep blue, hazy tone is a perfect addition to any backyard with a pool, fountains, or other water elements that mark your space as a tranquil retreat. Feeling inspired? See more here:

Want to see a Water fire pit in your space? Click the buttons below to see Water in action:

Sand: Persistence

An element of persistence, sand overcomes the challenges of time. It accepts loss and carries on, revealing the true strength and beauty of good moments that carry on to become good memories. Sand is the world’s third most-used resource, after air and water. Standing the test of time, sand consistently assists in the production of the bare necessities of our lives. For centuries, sand has maintained its role in pushing humanity forward. It serves as a constant reminder that life’s greatest successes draw from the power of persistent effort in order to allow us to reach our full potential. As a celebration of hard work, Sand provides a welcome celebration at the end of a long day.

Sand’s modern aesthetic is the prime addition to a modern setting. Concrete jungle dwellers with rooftop patios may see it as an ultra-chic method to add comfort to a contemporary space. Start crafting your modern aesthetic here:

Want to see a Sand fire pit in your space? Click the buttons below to see Sand in action:

Soil: Growth

An element of growth, soil has virtues of nurturing and support. Sprouted from kindness and care, your friendships, partnerships, and connections can be the foundation for endless good moments. Growth takes time, but when you look back on everything a loved one or even a plant overcame in order to blossom, you see the tenacity and care that had to occur in order for that growth to happen. A bump in the road, a celebration, a matter of waiting out the clock… growth takes on many forms. Soil reminds us that growth is a necessary part of a gratifying existence and that we can practice contentment while allowing growth to occur.

Soil is the quintessential addition to a down-to-earth backyard. Complimenting lush gardens, whimsical fairy lights, and rich green grass, let Soil guide the countryside backyard vision of your dreams. Get started here:

Want to see a Soil fire pit in your space? Click the buttons below to see Soil in action:

Clay: Creativity

An element of creativity, clay calls on self-expression. Whether making a mark on the landscape or contributing to a shared experience, good moments arrive by the tune of campfire songs, improvised recipes, and thoughtfully designed gathering places. Clay takes on many forms, often serving purposes that are both foundational and beautiful. Carefully constructed pottery is made with a steady hand and an imaginative eye. Moldable and malleable, clay serves as a reminder that flexibility and out-of-the-box ideas are key elements to progression. Bring some of your best ideas to life while sharing a moment around your Clay fire pit.

Inspired by the richest colors in nature, Clay was made for the at-home bohemian. Whether your aesthetic is inspired by the distinct stylings of Morocco or the caves and canyons of the American Southwest, let Clay be a centerpiece in your design. Start your journey inland here:

Want to see a Clay fire pit in your space? Click the buttons below to see Clay in action:

Maintenance of your Elemental Color Series Fire Pit

Fire Pits in the Elemental Color Series are covered in a high heat ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is ideal for withstanding much higher temperatures than high heat paint or powder coating. The Solo Stove Product Development team took over two years to find the perfect ceramic coating material that would withstand high heat, and hold up to wear and tear. Fire pits in this color series will not have a visible patina, as you would see on our stainless steel fire pits.

Any discoloration that may occur will be due to ash and soot leaving the fire pit, and will be visible at the top of the fire pit. While we recommend using Bar Keeper’s Friend on our stainless steel fire pits, this is too abrasive to use on your Elemental Color Series Fire Pit. Dirt, residue, and debris can be cleaned off using warm soapy water applied to a clean, lint-free towel. Never spray any cleaning solutions directly on your fire pit. Dampen the towel first, then clean your fire pit. Dry well after cleaning.

Rain and snow will not affect the outer ceramic coated walls of your fire pit. However, it is important to keep the inside of your fire pit protected from the weather as you usually would. If you plan on storing your fire pit outdoors, we recommend covering your fire pit when it’s not in use. Moisture can damage the grate and ash pan inside your fire pit. Use a Lid, Shelter, or Station to keep moisture from entering your fire pit

Lid is a good temporary protective solution and is best used overnight or for a couple of days. Shelter’s tough construction was modeled after whitewater rafts and will hold up to rain or snow for as long as it is outside. Station is the ultimate storage solution for your fire pit and accessories, and the best option for permanent storage.