Solo Stove Fire Pit Enclosure Inspiration

Cover photo by @hsinfan

Solo Stove fire pits are designed to enjoy. What better way to enhance your backyard fire pit experience than by building an enclosure around it? Fire pit enclosures create a dedicated space for your fire pit, while adding extra safety measures so everyone can enjoy the roaring fire in your Solo Stove. 

The most important thing to consider when making a walled fire pit enclosure is airflow. We recommend leaving 3”-6” space between your fire pit’s walls and the enclosure to ensure you experience the fullness of our Signature 360° Airflow Design™.

Check out the customer-submitted photos below to inspire your next backyard project!

Submitted by Drumil S.

Fire pit enclosures are as functional as they are decorative. Our fire pits get extremely hot when you are burning in them, and an enclosure creates separation between you and the fire pit. If you are gathering around your fire pit with little ones and pets, the enclosure helps keep them at a safe distance.

Submitted by David B.

The most popular way we’ve seen our customers make an enclosure is with stone pavers. Stone pavers are great for an enclosure, because they are already made to fit together. Rounded pavers work best for creating a sturdy, circular wall around your fire pit!

Submitted by Joe

Umbrella tables are the perfect way to create an enclosure for your Solo Stove fire pit! The table’s platform beneath the table raises your fire pit off the ground, and since there are no walls near the lower vent holes, you’ll get all the airflow you need to enjoy a roaring fire! Imagine roasting a tasty treat over your fire pit and placing it right onto your plate!

Submitted by Danielle W.

Think of all that time to find the perfect-fitting stones for this enclosure!

Submitted by Tony H.

This is one of our favorite enclosures we’ve seen! We call it the “Yukon Stadium.” Tony went all out to create a completely immersive Solo Stove experience, complete with color-changing LEDs!

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