Skating In A Winter Wonderland

By Carolyn Owen

Feature image by Jeff C.

Some of us grew up outside. Whether it was playing basketball on the weekend, finding refuge in the backyard after school, or hiking nearby trails, thriving in the outdoors came as naturally as brushing your teeth. For those who found peace in the outdoors, seasonal changes that caused you to barricade yourselves indoors and out of harm’s way of cold gusts of wind might’ve felt like you were missing something… like you were being kept from where you belonged. What’s there to do when everything is frozen? Well, strap on your winter boots, and don’t forget that puffer jacket– today we’re talking about how to get outside in winter and stay there for as long as possible. How? Well, with an ice rink, of course!

This blog may only apply if you’re living in a climate where being cold is the norm. Solo Stove was brought to life in DFW, Texas, where you very well may wake up to find frost on your windshield, and then put a pair of shorts on that same afternoon. But we can dream, and we’re dreaming of a place to go when it’s too cold to lay out in the sun. Lucky for any of our northern neighbors, this might just be a dream come true.

Read on to get inspired by the Solo Stove Community’s Ice Rinks:

Photo by Tom B.

When you think of an ice skating rink, a Bonfire as the centerpiece might not be exactly what you have in mind. In 2016 we reinvented the fire pit, allowing you to light a fire on any surface– ice included. As long as you have a Stand, you shouldn’t need to worry about the surface underneath being damaged… or in this case, melting.

Hailing from Alaska, Andrew G. built his rink as a gathering place. Sending more and more photos throughout the season, this fire and ice paradise looks like the best place to spend winter:

There is some upkeep involved in having a backyard ice rink. You need to make sure that the barriers installed on the perimeter of the rink are locked in tight, and that a leak-proof tarp lines the bottom of the structure.

Photo by @yim02

If it snows on your rink, get ready to be a make-shift zamboni. Sweep up and collect the snow first, then evenly distribute a layer of lukewarm water to even out the ice.

Photo by @jlgwmu21

To bring all your ice rink dreams to life, check out EZ Ice Rink, or learn how to build your own! Send photos to our Monthly Photo Contest, and keep an eye out for a feature on our Instagram Profile, @solostove, and on our other platforms!