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Project Good: Mother’s Day 2021

Project Good was born out of wanting to spread joy, love, and goodness in any way we could. Moms give up so much of themselves, and on Mother’s Day we get the chance to give back. This Mother’s Day, we invited you to nominate a mom in your life so we could honor them in a special way. We can’t wait for these 12 moms to each receive a Bonfire + Stand to make lasting memories around for years to come.

Lynda (left) and Jamie (right)

Lynda Klaes

Lynda was nominated by her daughter, Jamie. Lynda is a 70 year old outdoorswoman, pilot, and mother. After retiring, she built two cabins in Talkeenta, Alaska that she rents out so she can show people the Alaskan landscape. Jamie told us her favorite memory of spending time with her mother:

“My mom put me in the back seat of her super cub, buckled me in tight and told me we were headed to the next village over to see friends. In 1988 she was the first woman pilot I had ever known, I was 8 years old. During that trip I realized that I could be a pilot too, as we bounced over the tree tops and up the river. I did become a pilot, and I owe part of my success to her being an example. She deserves the world, and would love sitting around a Solo Stove.” 

We think so, too, Jamie! We’ve got a Bonfire on the next plane to Alaska with Lynda’s name on it!

Carol and her grandchildren

Carol Chatham

Nominated by her daughter, Michelle, Carol is a shining light in her family. Michelle lets us know that after undergoing 23 surgeries in the past five years, Carol has never stopped being an amazing caretaker and has always put her family first. It was during this time that Michelle was reminded of the care Carol also provided to her father who passed away due to colon cancer:

“While my mom was in her mid 40s, my father was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. He was only here for two months and three days after the diagnosis, and passed away at only 53 years old. She took AMAZING care of him during that time and was able to bring him home, where he wanted to be, once his treatment was determined not to be working. He passed at home with her at his side. The experience inspired her to become an end of life care (hospice) nurse and she navigated many families and patients through their last days. She was able to stay strong for them and provide them with a caring heart despite knowing first hand their sadness.”

Carol has been a longtime fan of Solo Stove, and previously purchased two Bonfires for Michelle and her brother. We think it’s about time she got her own! Thank you for all you do, Carol!

Lillian and her son

Lillian Lam

Lillian is a stay at home mom of her young son and her 10 year old shih tzu. She and her family just moved into the neighborhood of their dreams, and are looking for a way to bond and bring their son up to appreciate the outdoors. Lillian is described as having gone through a transformation from a timid young adult to a woman who is not afraid to authentically be and speak up for herself. We can’t imagine a better environment to raise a child in, and hope that a Bonfire helps Lillian and her family make lasting memories!

Casey and her son

Casey Wassel

Zac Wassel nominated his wife, Casey, to be a Project Good recipient simply because of how inspired he is by the things she has gone through to get to where they are today. After facing a tragedy, Casey is now the mother of a rambunctious two year old who always keeps her on her toes. Zac details a favorite memory of his spending time with their son in the hospital after he was born as a breathtaking moment to experience.

“[Casey] is so kind to others in our neighborhood, friends, and random strangers. I would love nothing more than to treat her to a nice fire pit that our family can sit around and relax by the crackling noise from firewood. She is a strong mother that should be reflected in a strong lasting fire pit (see what I did there).”

We’re excited to bring Casey into our Project Good community and hope that a Bonfire brings this non-stop family even closer!


Nicki Marazzani

Our next Project Good recipient was nominated by her daughter, Alicia Marazzani. Nicki is described as being the “coolest, most dedicated mom.” Nicki is giving and caring to her family and those in her community. 

“She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure her clients are provided for. During an ice storm last winter she brought hot soup, phone batteries, blankets, and more to the elderly folks in her program. Before that, she let me invite a friend who had nowhere to go to spend Christmas with us. She made sure my friend had gifts to open and everything. She didn’t look at me any type of way when I decided to run for office. She was the first in line for a shirt. This is only the tip of the iceberg. My mom gives so much of herself I’m not sure how much she saves for herself. She took me to every concert I wanted to go to in high school. If I babysat to pay for both our tickets, she would make sure we got there. Even if it was a school night.”

We think that awesome moms deserve awesome gestures of thanks, so we hope a Bonfire will do!

Marinda and her family

Marinda Fries

Andy Fries nominated his wife, Marinda, for this round of Project Good. Marinda is a speech therapist that has been working from home since 2020 while raising two children. Andy has recently taken on a new job that was a four hour commute from their previous home. Marinda has taken this situation in stride, sacrificing her own job to be able to move their family in light of Andy’s new position. 

“My wife and I were dating and visiting NYC. It was both of our first time as adults in the city and we had no idea what we were doing. Flustered, we got on the subway and almost got lost on our way to a Yankees game. Marinda figured out the subway system and got us to the game on time. I can always count on her to get me where I need to be. With spring time here and summer fast approaching we would love to spend some family time around a Solo Stove.”

We are happy to oblige, and hope that a Bonfire will be just what this family needs to settle into their new backyard!

Maxeen and her kids

Maxeen Faumui

Maxeen is a 29 year old mother of four. She is looking for a chance to sit back and enjoy spending time with her family this summer, as her husband will have more time to be at home with the whole family. They are in the midst of renovating their backyard deck that was previously falling apart, and the Project Good team thinks a Bonfire will be the icing on the cake of a job well done! 

When we asked Maxeen what a favorite memory of hers was, she answered “The birth of my 4th child. I now have 2 boys and 2 girls. My life is complete. I am looking forward to spending more quality time with my family and making more memories, watching my children grow and living our best lives. Thank you.”

Stefanie and her son

Stefanie Durich Beck

Stefanie was nominated by her husband, Matt. She’s a rockstar mom who put her career on pause to raise her son and flip their fixer upper home all during the pandemic. Matt let us know that she loves gardening, crafts, and s’mores. 

“I remember holding her hand as she gave birth to our child after multiple days of labor. I’m amazed by her patience and love.”

With a Bonfire, Stefanie can make all the s’mores she could ever want! Happy Mother’s Day Stefanie!


Kimberly Lonetree

Kimberly is a force of nature. She spends 50-60 hours a week at work, then goes home to renovations, business development, house cleaning, cooking, and helping her extended family who lives 50 minutes away whenever they need assistance. She’s even taken on the majority of the finances in her household as a result of the pandemic. Kimberly shared something special with us:

“Even though this is for me, I want to share a memory I love with my mom, who will also be enjoying this stove on her visits with me! 

My mom went to college for oil painting, but never continued her passion after graduating due to taking care of and losing both parents in her 20s. Occasionally throughout my youth, though, my mom would sketch on paper whatever was interesting to her at that time. One day, she presented me with a sketch she did of baby Mickey Mouse. It was SO GOOD. I taped it above my bed and told my mom it would never leave my possession and to never take it away because I loved it so much. To this day, I still cherish that memory because my mom gave me something so incredible that she doubted herself for years without realizing how incredibly talented she is in everything she does.”

We’re so excited to give you and your family a way to relax, Kimberly!

Karla and Joshua

Karla McGinnis

Karla was nominated by her son, Joshua. Since Joshua joined the Cub Scouts in 1st grade, Karla has been at his side as a Den Leader and then a Cub Master, and stayed there cheering him on until he earned his Eagle Scout award. We love scouts and any opportunity to give back to those who respect the great outdoors, and can’t think of a better way than including Karla in this round of Project Good.

“My very first camp out as a Cub Scout was just me and my mom and a few other people from our pack. We went camping at Guadalupe State Park. I remember waking up on Sunday morning before we left extremely early, as there was a bird watching tour that morning. My mom and I were the only two people to go besides the man leading the walk. It was amazing to see all the nature and being able to wake up and see how beautiful it really is. I credit this trip and my mom for making me wake up early, to me sticking with scouting and loving the outdoors.”

Amanda and her “little fireball”

Amanda Buller

Amanda was nominated by her friend, Stephanie. She is a police officer and army veteran who has dedicated her life to making her small community a better place for almost 8 years. Amanda is also described as being an outstanding mother to a four year old little fireball, and as having a spirit of adventure and a can-do attitude. Happy Mother’s Day Amanda!

Emily and her children

Emily Kretschmar

Emily was nominated by her husband, Kameron. She really takes being a super mom to the next level– after having three of her own children, Emily served as a gestational carrier for a couple who can’t carry their own children. When she went into labor, she even drove herself to the hospital. 

“Emily loves to relax outside around our rusty Target fire pit and make more s’mores than one human should be able to eat in a sitting. She is selfless, caring, funny (don’t tell her I said that), and the glue that holds us together.  We took a journey to a local trail and of course, our two oldest only wanted to walk with mom (while she was baby wearing our youngest). She didn’t bat an eye before throwing our oldest on her shoulders and holding hands with our daughter the rest of the way.”

Super moms deserve super thanks, and we hope a Bonfire is enough! Happy Mother’s Day Emily!