Project Good by Solo Stove

In uncertain times, hearing good news can give us motivation and hope. 

Project Good is our way of sharing smiles with our community and inspiring others to do the same.

John Merris, CEO of Solo Stove, says it this way:

“We realized the best thing we can do in uncertain times is to bring joy and warmth to those who could use a smile. We wanted to do our part by reminding others there is good in the world when all they are hearing is bad news.”

In March 2020, one of our fans, Erik, reached out to us on Twitter saying they wished they could practice “social distancing” by sitting next to a fire, but their fire pit was worn out and rusted and couldn’t afford a new one at the time. We responded and sent him a Bonfire free-of-charge in the hopes it would bring a smile and encouragement during an uncertain time.

We knew there were other ‘Erik’s’ in our community who could use some good news, so we decided to create Project Good. We opened up to our community and invited you to share stories with us of how you, a friend, or a loved one could use one of our products as a getaway from uncertainty and relax.

The initiative has received over 850 nominations and 174 families have benefited so far.

The response has been truly humbling. Check out some of our favorite stories inspired by Project Good:

Alexandria’s Story

Alexandria let us know how awesome her husband, an Afghanistan veteran, is to their family and everyone he meets.

“When I told him the news, he broke down. We cried. We’re grieving but he still has so much hope and love. If anyone deserves a pick me up, it’s him. Everyone always thinks about the mother losing her child, but people rarely think about the father. He deserves a smile and a Solo Stove would give him the biggest one!”

We hope a Bonfire can at least put a smile on his face, Alexandria!

Tori’s Story

Alyssa shared with us her friend Tori’s story about choosing joy in a seemingly joyless time.

“Tori and her family have chosen joy and even when they have every reason to shy away from the world, they have gone above and beyond to inspire and make a difference.”

All we can say is: Go Tori! Keep up the good work!

Luke’s Story

Luke wrote to us on behalf of his brother, a husband and father of 2 little boys.

“Michael sacrifices for others and I would love to see him have a Bonfire. He and his wife would be humbled and thrilled to have a Solo Stove to enjoy as a family. They are having an in-law handicap apartment built by their house for my parents so they can be more of a help to my mom.  This will allow my parents to enjoy the grandkids. It would do my heart well to see pictures in the future of my brother and his family with my parents enjoying a fire together creating memories!”

It sounds like Michael is a fantastic brother and incredible person. Enjoy that Bonfire!

Beth’s Story

Beth shared with us the story of her and her’s son’s love for the outdoors, despite having a few difficult years.

“I dream of reconnecting with the earth and nature of our small backyard while relaxing by the warmth and crackle of a fire. Staring into the flames and embers and breathing and meditating. I have not bought a fire pit yet because me being a single parent, and the crazy medical bills of the last two years have left me in such severe debt that I was looking into bankruptcy just before this outbreak hit and will likely have to follow up with that once life starts returning to normal.”

We hope your Bonfire will be the perfect place for you and your son to relax around, Beth!

If you would like to participate in Project Good by sharing the story of a family member, a friend, or even your own story, write to us here. We would love to help in sharing good news and a smile by sending the gift of a fire to gather around and reconnect in these uncertain times. 

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