Pre-Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Which Solo Stove Do I Buy?

By Solo Stove Team

As the giving season gets into full swing, you’re probably starting to think about the perfect gifts for your friends and family (or making a wishlist of your very own). We don’t blame you for thinking ahead, especially when there are Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming soon (hint hint). 

When considering giving a Solo Stove product, you may be wondering “But which one do I choose?” Don’t worry, we can help.

Here’s our guide to each of our stoves and fire pits, how it’s used, and what its average user may look like. Hopefully you’ll read one of the following descriptions and exclaim, “That’s Bob!” (or whatever your tough-to-shop-for family member’s name is).

Solo Stove Pre-Holiday Gift Guide

Camping Stoves

Photo via @speidersport

Solo Stove Lite | SHOP

What it is: An ultra-portable solo backpacking stove, ideal for 1-2 people. 

The perfect gift for… The person who is constantly posting about their weekend-long solo hiking trips. They’ll love its size and weight and the fact that they don’t have to carry wood with them on the trail. 

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Solo Stove Titan | SHOP

What it is: A lightweight, wood burning stove for small groups.

The perfect gift for… The couple who lives to camp (and cook). Perfect for two people, but big enough to cook for up to four folks. 

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Solo Stove Campfire | SHOP

What it is: Our largest camping stove, the Campfire is portable but powerful.

The perfect gift for… Those who love every camping trip to be a family affair. These outgoing folks want to share the fun (and food) with everyone. 

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Fire Pits

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Solo Stove Ranger | SHOP

What it is: Our smallest (and most versatile) fire pit.

The perfect gift for… Your city dwelling friend with limited outdoor space or the couple who spends as much time sitting around a fire in their backyard as they do at the campsite. It’s big enough for a few friends to sit around in the backyard and small enough to fit in the car for their next trip. 

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Photo via Colin Lennon

Solo Stove Bonfire | SHOP

What it is: The original Solo Stove fire pit, it remains our best selling product. 

The perfect gift for… Anybody who loves spending time with friends and family in their backyard. 

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Solo Stove Yukon | SHOP

What it is: Our biggest fire pit and the ultimate backyard accessory. 

The perfect gift for… The guy or gal in your life who loves nothing more than entertaining. The Yukon is the center of any outdoor party.

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Have more questions about our Solo Stove camping stoves and fire pits? Take a look at our general FAQ page (product FAQs are located on each item’s page).

If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact customer service at or 817.900.2664.

Happy Gifting!