Solo Stove Team’s Favorite Christmas Traditions

By Solo Stove Team

While Winter months bring with them some chilly temps, it’s the best time of the year to celebrate our favorite holidays and eat delicious food with the ones we love most! That’s why we’re sharing Christmas traditions that the Solo Stove team remembers most fondly.

If dealing with those cold winter nights with a warm cup in hand sounds like a great tradition to you, check out our list of warm drink ideas here.

Our Favorite Christmas Memories

“My brother, my dad, and I play a game of RISK on Christmas Eve. It started as a way for us to stay up late while our little sister went to bed so we could get the final wrapping done and start stuffing the tree with presents. Now that our sister is older, she’s a better RISK player than all of us. We’ve started including a record book that the winner has to write what happened and how they defeated everyone else. I haven’t won in a few years, but I’m glad we share that tradition of coming together and spending a few hours over a game.” – Joe B., Website and Marketplace Product Associate

“Every year my family goes to Midnight mass on Christmas Eve and the next morning we watch A Christmas Story. We end up going to see extended family for a big Christmas lunch and hit the Turkey coma by about 4 PM…” – Joseph Gonzales., VP of Business Development

“Each year my family spends a day in December making pierogi with my grandparents’ original recipe. The event is typically accompanied by hours of Christmas movies and aprons layered in flour. As the years have passed, we’ve invited friends to join in on the tradition and share in the process. On Christmas Eve, we then enjoy a traditional Polish meal featuring pierogi and other favorite dishes.” – Rachel L., Email Marketing Specialist

“Every year we get together after dinner and play a game unofficially titled “The Bubblewrap Money Game”. It’s kind of hard to explain, but in short, you wrap a bunch of various bills (that add up $100) throughout different layers of bubble wrap. Each player has to slip on oven mitts and attempt to unwrap the ball before the person to their right rolls a double using a pair of dice. As soon as a double is rolled, the bubblewrap ball and dice get rotated to the right until the ball gets all the way unraveled! Sometimes we make it harder (depending if there are kids playing or not) and use Saran Wrap/tape. :)” – Bryce W., Graphic Designer

“We buy a Christmas puzzle every year that we break open as soon as the kids are out of school and put it together as a family by Christmas Eve. It makes for great memories and conversation. As the kids have gotten older, the puzzles have become more complex!” – John M., CEO

“For many years my family would go to a midnight church service on Christmas Eve. The hardest part? Getting home, knowing it’s already Christmas Day, and having to go to bed and wait for presents. That was rough, but it made me the man I am today.” – Chris J., Creative Content Coordinator

“Growing up in the southwest, luminarias have been wildly popular for my entire life (and way before). They’re paper bags, full of sand, with tea candles that you light when it starts getting dark out. People put them up and down their driveways and front porches, and where I’m from, on their adobe roofs as well. Seeing them always makes me feel at home and full of southwestern Christmas spirit.” – Carolyn O., Social Media Marketing Specialist

“My favorite holiday tradition is when my mom makes her infamous breakfast casserole that she’s made for 20+ years – it’s delicious!” – Kennedi M., HR Manager

Christmas Jams 🎶

Our Christmas playlist is full of crowd-pleasing songs that will serve as the perfect background music for unwrapping presents.

What are your favorite Holiday traditions? Share them with us on social media (tag @solostove)! And be sure to take pictures of your Holiday get togethers (and time gathered around your fire pit), and share them on our story submission form!