National Grilling Month– Solo Stove Style

By Carolyn Owen

Is anyone else practically melting at this point, or is it just me? I’m serious– every time I go outside, I wonder if I’ll be dehydrated by the time I make it to my car. It’s been HOT this summer, and July does not show any signs of cooling off.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Solo Stove creates products that produce very high heat– from our fire pits to our pizza ovens. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire and making memories, but what do we do in the summertime? It’s easy– we just do what we do every day. We eat.

July is National Grilling Month, and it’s the perfect time to extend your time around your fire pit or grill without melting away. Check out how we recommend spending National Grilling Month, and check out the recipes that are sure to satisfy your flame-kissed cravings.

Fire Pit Cooking System

If you already put your fire pit in the garage for the summer, it’s time to bust that bad boy out again. In our blog, Fire Pit Cooking System: Your Questions Answered, we talked about waiting for your fire to die down, creating the perfect ember bed to cook over. This will ensure that your food isn’t incinerated by high-heat flames reaching out of your burn chamber, and that you will be able to easily sustain optimal grilling temperatures.

During grilling month, there’s even more benefit to cooking over coals than good food. You can pretty much start your fire, place your Shield on top, and get some yard work done while you wait for the fire to reduce itself to hot coals. Once it’s ready to go, pop open a cold drink and add your Hub and Cast Iron Cooktop to get grilling. Invite your crew over, and make memories fueled by flavor all month long.

Ready to grill? Check out these recipes to get started:

Solo Stove Grill

The Solo Stove Grill is the first of its kind: a grill designed for community, so anyone can be a grill master. Its circular shape designed for gathering around, included carry case, and choice of tall or short stand makes it ready for any experience– whether it’s just you in the backyard, or you and your troupe making a stop on your airstream vacation.

Kick off Grill Month with the best of the best in airflow technology. Get Grill lit, and its airflow will sustain the perfect grilling temperature for 45 minutes with no mess, no fuss, and no hassle. So even in July, you don’t have to sacrifice charcoal-grilled burgers just because it’s hot out. Invite your household to join in, and get dinner on the table in no time. Then hop in the pool. You earned it.

“But MoOoOm, I don’t want BURGERS.”

Sound familiar? We have you covered. Get sizzling this month with recipes made to impress any palette: