Meet the Robinson Family

For the Robinson family, Chris, Heather, and their daughters Samantha and Makenna, time spent together around the campfire is all about the memories that will stick with them for a lifetime. We had the chance to speak with the Robinson Family on the shore of Lake Altoona, their go-to spot to take their RV and Bonfire, as well as their own backyard where they enjoy their Yukon.

What is it about camping in a RV that the Robinson’s love so much?

“Me and Heather both grew up camping and traveling. We both wanted to have that same experience with our kids. We like being on the road for a couple of weeks at a time. That’s why we have an RV. For us, we just don’t want to sit still. We want to experience as much as we can with our children while they’re young.”

“Being a father is special. Having two girls, it just makes it even more so. They grow so quick. The more time we spend together when we’re young, it’s just about the memories we are making. It puts it into [my children’s] heads that this is the way life is supposed to be.”

When did you first hear about Solo Stove?

“We were first introduced to the [Bonfire] about three years ago. A friend of ours was talking about it and wanted us to come over and check it out. We were blown away by it and immediately made a purchase.”

“My oldest daughter and myself have allergies. The ventilation in a RV recycles, so any smoke that’s around the RV gets pulled inside. Before [we started using our Bonfire] we would go inside the RV and our clothes smelled like smoke. We would wake up the next morning with [allergy] problems. When we started using the Bonfire, we noticed that problem was pretty much eliminated. For that reason, [Bonfire] is the perfect add-on for our lifestyle.”

Do you use a Solo Stove at home when you aren’t RV’ing?

“We made the decision that we really needed [a Solo Stove] for the house and one for the RV. So, we made a purchase of the Yukon, and it’s been perfect. It’s just the right size for a family and some guests. It fits perfectly. It’s like it was made for our fire pit.”

What makes your Solo Stove special to your family?

“[Our Solo Stove] is a tool for us to draw people together and spend time with our kids. It’s having something that we’re able to do together and make memories with. It’s for my kids to think about years from now telling stories about sitting around the campfire. Now, that’s what we do. It’s memories that will stick with us for a lifetime.”