Community Cooking: Korean BBQ with Solo Stove Grill

by Carolyn Owen and Devin Osbourn, video by Matt King
Feature Image by Gina D.

A community cooking experience is one that is shared and loved by cultures in all corners of the world. Whether it be Korean barbecue, a crawfish boil, or even dipping into some fondue, food unites us all, especially when we all have a part in its creation.

The Solo Stove Grill is the perfect tool for bringing people together. The days of the backyard chef being sequestered to a corner of the backyard hunched over some burgers are over. With Grill’s circular design, everyone is invited to be the grillmaster. Korean Barbecue is arguably the most popular communal grilling experience of our time. Today, Chef Stephen Yen of TAO Downtown restaurant tells us everything we need to know to get the ultimate Korean Barbecue experience on the Solo Stove Grill. Watch the video below to get the scoop on this culinary tradition:

Ready to get started on your own Korean BBQ Journey? Start with our grocery list below, and check out the Ultimate Guide to Korean BBQ At Home for extra resources.

Need some inspiration?
Check out the Solo Stove Grill in KBBQ action:

Tim H. throws down a classic Korean BBQ staple: Short Ribs
@youngutah melds the magic of cast iron with bold Bulgolgi flavor
@airstreamvagabond’s Grill gets a blazing flare up from flavorful fats dripping off the meat.
Katelin K.’s boys char up bokchoy for a smokey bite.
Zac W.’s gone country with a couple ears of corn.
Jeff K. and family have mastered the essence of Korean BBQ: sharing good moments.
Speaking of sharing…
Devin & Daniel O. pass over perilla-wrapped ribeye while donning the tongs.
Maritza B. prepares to plate the lion’s share of their feast.
It’s all about the banchan for Daniel O.’s family.
Steve L.’s family warms up with a smile before digging in.
Gina D. proves that no one can resist the rib
…or second helpings.
Beautiful moments happen when you come together, and hold space for new experiences. Photo by Chris B.