Introducing: Solo Stove Starters

Sometimes, starting a fire can be tricky. That’s why we designed our camp stoves, fire pits, and grill to make it easy to enjoy the goodness of fire on the campsite, open trail, beach, or your own backyard. We’re excited to announce that we’ve made starting a fire even easier with our new Solo Stove Starters.

Great for starting any type of fuel including logs, hardwood, chunkwood, charcoal or twigs, these fire starters will help you get a roaring fire in minutes. They’re made with 100% recycled, renewable hardwood (no artificial fillers). They are also 100% non-toxic, so you can bask in the glow of a clean burn. 

Feel like packing your Solo Stove for a ski trip in the mountains or on the lake? Solo Stove Starters will light in any condition, frozen or wet. Stash them in your pack and know you’ll be able to start a fire for evening of s’mores and campfire songs.

How To Start a Fire with the Solo Stove Starters

Camp Stove

You only need to use one Solo Stove Starter if you are building a fire in Lite or Titan, two if you are using Campfire.

Place the starters on the base of your camp stove. Surround by twigs or whatever biofuel you are using for kindling and light!

Fire Pit

The Solo Stove Starters will burn for about six minutes to give your dry kindling ample time to catch fire.


Place three to four Solo Stove Starters for every four pounds of charcoal and light!

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