How To Reimagine Your Outdoor Space, featuring Tilly

This Spring, you might be thinking it’s time to refresh your backyard design around your Solo Stove fire pit. Thankfully, you don’t have to do much to bring some fresh air to your little slice of the world.

We’ve partnered with Tilly to help you kickstart your backyard refresh. Tilly is an all online landscape design service that makes any project a breeze. All you have to do is create a profile, upload photos of your outdoor space, tell them what style you are looking to achieve and your budget, and Tilly will create a full design with everything you need to take to a contractor or to do it yourself.

To help you get started with your next project, Tilly gives some tips and inspiration on making a great fire pit space, no matter your style. They’ve even answered some of your top questions for designing your outdoor space around your Solo Stove!

Outdoor Furniture

  • Movable furniture makes it easier for people to find their comfort zone around the fire, while fixed seating ensures people stay at a safe distance. 
  • A mix of movable and fixed seating is a great option for families.


Think about how you and your family want to use the space. Do you want the fire pit close to the home for easy access or further away from the back door so it feels more natural and secluded?

Decor and Definition

  • Placing groupings of seasonal planters can help to soften and bring color to your fire pit area.
  • Planters can provide definition of the space and make your nook more intimate.
  • Create some rock pilings around the space you usually utilize to help incorporate it into the landscape.

A Backyard Oasis for Every Style

Tilly’s landscape plans are completely custom to your location, needs and your garden style! No matter what look you want to achieve, here are some helpful tips:


Ensconce your Solo Stove with a circular wooden bench or modern lounge furniture to define a clean, modern backyard space. Take it even further by utilizing big, precast concrete pavers with gravel joints to create a bold walkway.


Tight plantings of perennial herbs, such as rosemary or tarragon, that can easily be added to the food you’re grilling in your backyard bring homey comfort to your space. Irregular-shaped flagstone pavers filled with gravel in between evoke the scene of an inviting cottage amongst the woods.


Think of adirondack chairs on the beach and you’ve got a classic style that’s been popular for over a century.


Eclecticism is the easiest style to adopt in your backyard: just pick pieces you like, no matter the style, and they will go together! You can even blend playfulness and functionality by putting your Solo Stove fire pit inside an enclosure for a more interactive experience.


Many create a fire pit area using gravel. A tropical design is the same, but using sand instead! Bring even more of a beachy feel with palm trees and big umbrellas!

Your Backyard Design FAQs, Answered by Tilly

What furniture textures, patterns, and materials complement the shiny stainless steel of a Solo Stove?

Stainless steel goes with everything — any texture, pattern, or material. Firstly, you need to know what kind of style you’re looking to achieve with your space. Shiny stainless steel feels contemporary and can be dressed up by pairing it with sleek furnishings and finishes. Of course, you can also play it down by adding rustic, textured pieces.

What low-maintenance plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees do you recommend for a backyard?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to low-maintenance plants. Things to consider when selecting plants for your area are region, garden style, maintenance needs, as well as plant-specific conditions like soils, bloom time, and sun conditions. The best way to create a low maintenance landscape is to pick the right plants for the right places. So, if you live in dry Arizona, a water-loving hydrangea might not be the best plant for your backyard. If you are in the northeast, that hydrangea would thrive. As long as you consider what makes your space unique, you’ll be able to find the best plants for your design!

How can I make my fire pit the focal point of my backyard?

When planning your design, think about the area people will see most and where they will be sitting, walking, and standing. Once you figure that out, it will be more simple to also define where your focal point should be. Add comfy seating, interesting dividers, and decorative plants to help bring life to the space.

How can I make my backyard comfy, but fire resistant?

You will always need to make sure your fire pit is ready to be used safely. If you plan to use it on a wood deck or any other heat-sensitive surface, you’ll need to use a Stand with your fire pit. Make sure any brush or dry leaves are swept away and there are no low-hanging branches or coverings above your fire pit. Use a Shield if you are worried about any embers popping out of your fire pit.

How can I create an upscale entertaining space in my backyard?

Good design is key. Tilly will always recommend the best solutions and materials for your space, but if outside help isn’t for you, start with simplicity. Moving away from busy, bursting landscapes toward neater, simpler designs can immediately make a space feel more refined and inviting. You can do this by using only a few plant species in your space and using updated materials in your design. Using a clean, lined paver or new composite decking only will easily elevate the look of any outdoor space. We see a trend in landscape design towards straighter, cleaning lines. If you have old-school serpentine flower beds or walkways, consider straightening those lines a bit to bring in a more modern look.

How can I create multiple gathering spaces in my backyard that tie together?

We’re not afraid to say it again: good design!

Think about the purpose of a space and how differently-purposed spaces can coexist. Make sure these spaces are intentional and places people will want to gather. If your space serves multiple purposes, make sure the primary purpose is easy to access within that space.

  • Stepping stones.  We love big, thick stones or poured in place concrete to create paths between spaces without the formality of a fully paved walkway. 
  • Planting beds are a great way to link together spaces and provide continuity across a yard.